Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 79: Positive Splits

Tuesday morning runs how I love thee!! 

This day is my 3 mile one because work is early for me and even though I had to travel today it was still early.

I got up at 6:00 and out around 630. On these mornings I don't eat before because it is a small run unless I wake up hungry which tends to happen. Not today though.

I wanted to run 3.5 since I had a little more time and I got that in. It was a good run. Usually after a long mileage I am hurting a bit but the walked yesterday helped and I actually had positive splits this morning. 

Meaning I was doing better each mile. 

Look at that!! What an improvement. And I'm working on a slow first mile so I can work towards a strong finish. Jeff Galloway taught us that and it really does work! I was super happy with this today. A little improvement goes a long way.

After my run I got ready really quickly and threw myself together pretty good.

My short hair makes me take my time a bit which is a change of pace. 

Geez I use running terms in everything lol.

Happy Tuesday!!