Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 72 & The Damage of Vacation

Happy July 1st!!!!!!

I love the month of July. There is tons of fun and exciting things going on in this month, plus a lot of my family members celebrate their birthdays this month, including myself in 17 days. I'll be turning 29! My last year in my twenties. But I will reflect back on that when the time comes.

Today was my typical 3 mile run morning. As much as I hate getting up at 5:30 on Tuesdays, because I have to be to work so early on this day, I am starting to not hate it as much anymore. It still sucks and I drag my feet, but I am getting used to it and powering on. This morning was kind of tough. The humidity was really bad this morning, I was sweaty and it made my whole body heavy and dragging down.

My muscles felt tight and it just wasn't a great feeling run. Towards the end, I loosened up a bit, but by that time, I had to be home so I could get ready for work. I did the 3 miles close to 37 minutes, which was slower for me, but I mean for the weather and conditions, I am fine with that. I figure train slower, so the day of the marathon I can give it my all.

Before I went on vacation, James and I ate at this BBQ place called Dickeys. If you have it in your area, check it out! It is great and super yummy. It is awesome BBQ and they give you free ice cream. FREE ICE CREAM!! It is my one little indulgence. So tonight we are going there for dinner because he really enjoyed it. I wanted to go tomorrow but I close at work and by the time I get out, they are closed. Tonight, was the only night that would work for us.

Since I had an indulgent vacation and didn't weigh in last week, I needed to weigh in today because I did not want to weigh in tomorrow after BBQ. Plus, I wanted to go to a meeting. Tonight's meeting was very fitting. We discussed slip ups!!

It was like the WW God's were looking down on me. I have never not wanted to get on the scale and tonight was one of those nights. I knew I was going to have a large gain because lets face it, I went off the rails crazy on vacation. Between drinking beer, wine, margaritas, wedding cake, brownie, ice cream sandwiches, pizza, chips, and other snacks, I mean I was all over the place. And I thought I was doing good because I stuck with my training plan. That was great, but I definitely ate wayyyyy too much.

You know what I did though when I got home, I went right back to basics. I tracked, I weighed, measured and stocked my fridge to the brim with all my goodies. I also made sure to drink more fluids, not alcohol, more water and tea. But even with my few days back on track, did not help where I had gone. I gained and because I am an open person, I will tell you, even though it kills me, 6.4 pounds.

Not happy, proud or anything about that. I am a bit ashamed. Sure I can blame it on vacation, being around family or the fact my women friend came to town, but honestly it was me. I put the food in my mouth, I made the choices, I just wanted a break. I wanted a break from all the counting, tracking and looking up stats. But I cant do it. I need to have structure and accountability. Those 6.4 pounds were a wake up call for me, that I am not fully healed yet, I cant do this alone or do it with just running. I need to put everything together.

So a clean slate begins. Tonight I will enjoy my BBQ, I will track it and have my little ice cream. But when I get on that scale next week, the number that showed today will be off!!! Promise you that. I know most people would say oh the heck with it, but I have come so far and for so long, I don't want to turn away now. I will weigh in next Wednesday because I am off on that day and I think weighing in on a run day does have a little bit to do with it. I just needed today to get over with, see where the damaged lied and how I am going to go forward.

I think weighing in the first of the month is smart for me because it gives me something to work towards, a goal in mind and I want to get those pounds off.