Monday, July 21, 2014

Eve of Untouched Mileage

Okay so it is the eve before my first BIG training Run. I mean it is 15 miles, only 2 more than a half. I type this like it is nothing, are you kidding me???

Slaps face!

Only 2 miles, that is a big freaking deal. This is untouched territory, I am breaking new grounds in my life tomorrow. I am not sure how to react lol. I know I will be getting up at 4:00 am and ready to go. I have my clothes laid out, my waffles will be ready with reduced fat PB and I will be having sport beans with it also. I brought a GU and Shot Blocks for during the run. I will have the shot blocks, 3 at mile 3, GU at 7, More Shot Blocks at 10-11.

I brought a VEGA recovery protein bar after and a Carb Control Protein Shake. I have a conference call to get on right after, so I am hoping to get home in time and shower and then prepare myself for the call with a big old cup of coffee. Then I will be making a Big breakfast of egg whites and toast and some other form of protein. My goal is to have lots of protein tomorrow. LOTS of it, to keep my hunger down and to also eliminate me from eating bad stuff.

I have to weigh in the next day, which I am a bit nervous about, but hey whatever it says I am okay with it because I can get it right back off. Oh and water and rest will be my BFF. I have no plans for the day, except some laundry and rest. Did I mention rest and a nap haha.

I am excited about moving up in mileage. I am ready. Everything from now on is just new and fun and exciting and trying new things. This is training, making sense of it all and seeing what works for me and what does not.

So until later tomorrow...

Wish me Luck!!