Monday, July 28, 2014

Marathon Medal and Magic Mile

There it is!!!!

It is so funny that this was posted on Facebook tonight because on my long run the other day I was thinking and wondering all about what it would look like.

I am so excited about seeing this. I now have a vision and even more then just the finish line. I will be wearing this bad boy for months, sleeping it with it and I will wear it work for weeks. Oh and engraving the back. 

This is mine I tell ya!!

Oh and I forgot to mention, I did my first mile yesterday with the magic mile of 10:59, thanks to the awesome pace I had with Nanci!! Testing my magic mile again in two weeks. My magic mile was good, I felt strong and it wasn't hard to breathe or talk doing it. Looking to improve and get better.

I will now dream about this around my neck!!!