Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Journey to 26.2 First Big Milestone

Big big day today!! 

My first really big long run and boy was it interesting. 

I was prepared and ready to go when I got up. It was sticky and humid out but at times a great breeze made its way through. I brought my hydration pack filled with water, my GU and shot blocks. I wore them in a fuel belt around my waist and no arm band.

I had an ingrown hair this morning under my arm pit and it was driving me crazy and hurt like hell. I used Body Glide all over my body to prevent chaffing too. James tells me, he is just going to dump me in Vaseline and send me out. It honestly does not seem like a horrible idea.

My run started off good, my calves were a little heavy and my fuel and everything was working out perfectly. It was 5:00 and completely dark, so I was very cautious of my surroundings. We have a lot of homeless downtown and I wanted to be aware incase I came up and someone was on the ground or around the corner. No one else was running, it was me and the water and darkness.

I kind of loved it. I had route in mind but figured I would run 7.5 out and then turn around and head back. I went out to 6.40 and turned around because it started heading towards a bad part of a neighborhood. I ran through my regular route and then around a USF campus and All children's hospital. It was great to see different secenry.

Around mile 6ish my legs were very heavy and I couldn't get out of my mind with the thoughts of how much more I have to go, so I dropped my 2:30/:30 to 2:00/1:00. That extra :30 made a world of a difference. I still felt tired and heavy but i had sparks of life here and there.

I took my fuel at mile 5,9 and 11. At mile 11 I had to stop and get some cold water from a fountain. The water in my pack was getting way to warm. I don't mind warm water but I needed something refreshing. It made a huge difference. I felt better already and ready to take on the last 3 miles.

My clothes and body was drenched. I mean so sweaty my pants were falling off. I could ring out my hair. When I ran past 13.1, I knew it was all new. It was exciting and different. I have never ever ran this far before, it became a bit emotional.  

My body was screaming at me. My legs were hurting, my body aching and my under arms from the back pack rubbing against them were so raw. When I hit that 15 miles, I cried. I couldn't believe what I had just done. I was thrilled to be done and thrilled that I actually did it. 

Not once did I want to give up or turn back. Sure I questioned why am I doing this, can I do this for 11 more miles, etc. and yes I can and I will. I am in now until the end, I am On my way! 

I stretched a bit after, called my boss because she is my mentor and inspiration and then downed a protein bar and protein shake. I was hurting.

I felt like I ran 15 miles. 

My body was raw and chaffed in all areas. I couldn't wait to take off my sweaty clothes either. I enjoyed some coffee, a nice long shower and then more food. I am definitely hungry today but making really good choices, with lots of protein. I am hoping for a good result tomorrow.

I have already taken a small nap and looking to go back for another! I am feeling really lazy and loving the SVU marathon on USA. And most of all I am taking in this huge milestone I had.

I can justify being lazy after these long runs.

I ended the the 15 miles in 3 hours and 8 minutes with a 12:34 pace. I am extremely happy with that!! That is great for me with this heat and humidity and time of year. I know I am only going to get stronger as this training continues on!!

I can't wait to continue my milestones on this wild and crazy journey I am on!!!