Friday, July 25, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 86 and Friday Favorites Finds and Fun


I can say that today because I only had a half day at work!! I had to sacrifice a second day off so I took some shorter shifts to make it up. Today was nice to get out early. I used my Old Navy gift card I was given for my birthday and went to GNC.

Seriously, who have I become that GNC is a favorite place for me to go haha. 

Today is also a walk or XT day. I opted to do it after work so I could sleep in a bit, which we know i love. I have been so tired. I'm not sure if my body is trying to fight off a sickness or my sinuses are kicking my A or maybe the fact I increased my mileage a whole lot, or the days off but it has put a toll on me for sure.

Any chance I am getting, I am napping. Rest is extremely important to me. I live and work so much better when I have rest. I mean who doesn't??

I did 40 minutes on the bike doing the rolling hills. Have to get those hills in somehow.

Since this is a quick and easy post, I wanted to share some of my new Friday Favorites.

My lunch yesterday haha. 2 white cheddar rice cakes, spicy tuna with roasted chick peas I got in my Bestowed box

Apple sauce and this yoplait light yogurt..

So yummy!! I need to have this combo for lunch more often. I was able to eat a little bit at a time and at work this worked out great for my 8 hours. It was filling and had a nice amount of protein.

Yoplait watermelon light yogurt for 2pp! Limited edition, found it at Walmart and LOVE it. I will be going back and stocking up on these for sure!!

This I got today at GNC. Amaze-balls!!! It is spicy but not too spicy. Settled my hunger strike with 10g of protein. A little high in points and fat but for my lunch and on the go, it was perfect. I also picked up a honey mustard one and BBQ. Can't wait to try. Settled my chips and salty crave.

I got these at Trader Joe's last week and they are delicious. Green tea ice cream inside of a little pocket type of thing. Very different but only 100 calories and 3pp, it is heavenly. They come in other flavors too, like strawberry and chocolate.

The Blendicano! Made famous from Mshell fitness, I follow on Instagram!

4 quad espresso
4 sugar free vanilla pumps
One cup of Venti ice
Then I added a Splenda packet and cinnamon.

Obsessed!! And 1pp. It helps me with Mondays!!

Here are some items I screenshoted from Instagram of things I can not wait to try..

I have the same one but Toasted Hazelnut! I'm on the lookout!!

 Make sure to follow them on Instagram too!!! I find a lot of inspirational and motivational ideas from them too!

Enjoy your Friday!!