Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Double Dose of Training

Happy Tuesday!!!

While normally Tuesday's are really, really long days for me, today I just didn't mind it too much. Getting up early and making it through the day with work and such is getting easier.

I got up at 6:30, much later than I would normally but the snooze button and I are becoming way to close.  I used to NEVER hit the snooze button, now I cant stop. So I got up and dressed quickly and got out the door. I do like Tuesdays because it being a quick and easy run day, 3 miles and done. I then raced to get ready for work and made it on time.

Tried to have a half day but like always, never seems to work in my favor, but hey any early time when having only one day off, is fine by me. I was starving so I threw together some tuna, salad and a soup, oh and attacked, and I mean attacked these gems..

I think I have posted these before, they are amazing!!! Once I start I can not stop, thank goodness they are out of the house. Then I took an afternoon nap, I was beat and I was meeting my friend Jacke downtown for a walk and dinner, so I wanted to rest up a bit.

I met Jacke at 6 and we walked along our route we normally ran, around the Pier and back. Thunder was a bit much, so we got it by .50 miles, so we got in 2.65. It was a really nice night for a walk, not too hot, humid but not all that hot. We saw dolphins in the bay and got caught up on our lives, we haven't seen each in 2 months and it was so nice to catch up and like old times.

After we went to EVOS for lunch. EVOS is a healthy type of fast food. It is truly amazing and one of my favorite places to eat. James isn't a huge fan, but I love it AND it is on the WW app, so I don't have to do any extra finding of points.

Check out their website


I got their Air Bake Fries, nothing is friend, it is all baked and you can tell the difference. You don't feel bloated or nasty and the fries are delicious. I got the Chipotle Turkey Burger and added Avocado. I was starving so I devoured that bad boy so fast. I really have to work on slooowwing down when I eat, I am like a beast haha.

Jacke got the crispy buffalo chicken wrap, with the fries and a chocolate milk shake. I had a taste it tasted just like a frosty, BUT with out all calories. Only 205 calories and 5pp. Next time, I am all about that. I decided to not get one because I really wanted FroYo, which was right down the street.

It was so nice to meet up with Jacke and with her busy life, she is going to nursing school and with mine, we need to take more time to just see each other and we vowed to do so.

I got my FroYo. Just a little and I added lots of fruit this time, no candy. Which is first for me, but I didn't want to ruin the good meal I had. I do weigh in tomorrow, but I really didn't want to past it up, YOLO, right???!!

So training I did double duty tonight, 3 running miles in the morning and 2.65 walk at night. Feeling pretty good. I think on my small runs, I can do something like that and I wont over do it, or do a little more exercise. I need to do some yoga and stretching and strength too. I found a great article in Runner's World and I am going to tackle on that this week too.

Oh and I forgot to mention yesterday, my awesome friend Nanci is also a runner like I mentioned, WW member and she starts official marathon training on the 28, she is also a blogger and it is fantastic. She has so much to offer, I know you will be inspired and motivated like I am!!