Monday, July 28, 2014

3 Months and A Day & Media I am loving Lately

Monday is here yet again. I cant believe how time is just flying by and I cant believe that I have been training for the marathon now since April 27, so 3 months and a day to be exact.

I have been determined and set forth at this whole training for 3 months now. WOW! And we have about 2 more to go. Before I know it the training will be over and I will be crossing that finish line.

It gives me chills.

So yesterday I had a fantastic day after my fun morning with Nanci. James and I went out for lunch to Ruby Tuesday's because we were both craving a salad bar. Seriously who craves salad bars???!! Then we spent the afternoon doing some errands, using our gift cards and then a nice 2 hour nap for me and we finished Season 4 of the Sopranos and started season 5.

It was a great day and night of no plans, no laundry, no cleaning and really no thinking. I needed a day off like that and I need to make sure all my days off are like this as much as I can. Nothing but rest and relaxation.

Today, I woke up feeling a little bit more refreshed than normal. It is nuts, yesterday I woke up at 4 and was ready to go, today 7:30 and I hit the snooze a 1,000 times.

Monday's are my walk or XT train day, the last 2 Monday's I have used for rest because of my busy weeks, but today I used it as a walk and got a great 3 miles in and then did 10 minutes of strength training. It felt great to do that after work and clear my head. The whole time, I was thinking about running. But I like to stick to the plan because it has a purpose and it works.

While I was walking though, I was thinking about all the previews of movies and shows I have been loving lately. Oh My Goodness, so much goodness coming up!!
And so much I am loving on T.V. right now...Here ya go..

Yes!!! I read all 3 books and I have a shirt that has a saying from the book, that I will proudly wear when I go and see the movie. I don't care how corny or stupid people think it is, I loved the books and know I will love the movie. Everyone is harping on the character choices, honestly I could care less, it is all about the chemistry that is brought through. And they defintely have it in this trailer. I did want Gabriel Macht to be Christian but come on Jamie Donovan is super sexy, I mean really sexy. I cant wait to see the other characters and how the story unfolds like the book.

Yup, I have read them all and seen each one and loved the one more than the last. I can not wait for Part 1!!! 

Gone Girl!!! Another book I loved and so excited how this is playing so closely to the book. As you can tell, I love reading the books before the movie. Sure it gives everything away, but that is the joy, seeing if it matches up and having the character unfold before your eyes.

I am going to be eating a lot of popcorn this year!!!

Here is what I am loving on T.V. currently, you know for my rest days :0)

This show is super cute. It is on ABC family on Wednesday nights. Love it. It is more adult than what is normally on ABC family, but it is funny and witty.

Fell in love with this show from the start. I loved the whole plot and concept and it keeps getting better and better with each one. Way to go ABC Family.


I am so hooked on this show it isn't even funny!! We have HBO just so we can watch this show. I mean we have been on a roll this year with shows, Breaking Bad, Orange Is The New Black and now this. I have no clue what we are going to watch after. I am in love with all the characters but love the fact that we can watch each one back to back because I could never wait a full week for the next one. We have 2 more seasons left. I am sure the rate we are at, we will have it done in a few weeks lol.

Have a Happy Monday!!