Saturday, July 19, 2014

Birthday Events, Attending a Wedding, 2nd Rest Day: Week 12 ends

I completely forgot to post yesterday for my birthday!!!

Today will be quick and short because I have a wedding we are attending in less than 2 hours and I have tons to do. Anywho yesterday was my 29th birthday.

I kicked it off with a bang..

8 miles before the sunrise and free Starbucks! Normally Fridays are my XT day but being my birthday, the day before was a crappy run and today I was gonna use as a second rest day I needed a longer mileage! 

If felt great. I have a hydration vest I got at Walmart and it is taking some getting used too but so far okay. My legs were still really sore for the strength day but I made it through. I got breakfast for James and I on the way home and then went to Trader Joe's.

I picked up lots of veggies and some new items, I will surely post later this week. I was exhausted because it being a very long week, I just wanted some relaxation. I spent the day napping and then did dinner with James.

Nothing special or big. Running was my big thing and all I really wanted to do. I am ready for 29 and seeing how the year plays out. I'm pushing out of my comfort zone this year and the marathon is my first step!!

Have a great weekend!!
Week 12 Results
Sunday- 7 mile run
Monday- rest
Tuesday- 3 mile run & 2.65 walk
Wednesday- strength training- so sore
Thursday-1.65 run & .50 walk- bad bad day
Friday-8 miles and Birthday!!
Saturday- work & wedding- rest day!

Total run 19.65 miles
Walk 3.15
XT and Strength- 0 miles but 20 minutes with plank, squats and lunges