Monday, July 14, 2014

90 Days Until Marathon, Running Friends and Rest

It has been a long two days in my little life!! Work and marathon training and everything in between. I didn't post yesterday because from the moment I woke up until about 630pm I was non-stop and this was my wake time...

Yup 3:45 am to go and run!! I got up early to run 7 miles over in Clearwater with the most inspirational lady and motivational Weight Watchers person. I met Nanci through Instagram and realizing how close we live and the races we do, we decided to set up a run date. I met her and her hubby, Mike in the morning and we killed 7 miles with a bridge before the sun even came out. It was awesome.

Meeting Nanci for the first time yesterday and we clicked, we chatted the whole 7 miles and I could have gone 7 more with the pace and energy. We planned a second run date for two weeks down here in St. Pete! Running with a friend, makes a HUGE difference.

I am so glad to have met Nanci, whom is also training for her first full this year on November 30th. I love that I can talk and run with someone who is understanding and going through the same thing. I surround myself with a lot of people like this to motivate and keep my focus.

After the run, I flew back home to change, eat and leave for work. I had to work a bridal show for the whole day. I love these because I have awesome co-workers whom I adore but I really wanted to sleep but hey at least I looked cute..

Finally getting home from the bridal show I crashed on the couch for a bit and JAmes brought home Pollo tropical. I devoured my meal and even some leftovers of his. I was starving!! And once I ate, I was feeling much better, more awake.

Protein, protein, protein matters!!!

We finished Season 2 of the The Sopranos and I'm freaking hooked!!! I love this show and want to spend all my free time watching it. Which is bad because I should be reading and going through my stacks of magazines and educating myself haha BUT it is so gosh darn good.

Now today I woke up so tired. I slept great but the lack of sleep the night before and the busy day took toll of me and I was beat. I had a busy day of work including a meeting and while today is normally a walk or XT day, I am using as just a rest day. I feel like a truck hit me and I just want time to unwind a bit more.

I'll switch from Saturday to today. I am really learning my body and how I am doing. PLUS, tomorrow morning I run and then meeting up with my long, lost haven't seen in months friend Jacke for a walk and dinner later on 😃. Can not wait!!

Oh and I am doing great with my 100 ounce water challenge. I have gotten at least 100 ounces each day and then some, it is easier than I thought! Let's hope it helps on Wednesday. 

And with being Monday here is so Motivation...

My mom sent this too me the other day and it just was what I needed. And love everything about what it means and stands for!!