Saturday, July 5, 2014

Shoes, Sorbet, Fireworks and Phones

Well this has been a weekend of indulgences and exspensives! But they have been good and awesome ones!

Yesterday after my run, James and I went and got haircuts..

As much as I love throwing my hair up in a messy curly bun, I love having short hair. I went shorter than normal and I know I will eventually go super short, once I thin out my face more.

Then we went to his grandmas for a quick BBQ

After we went downtown to Fit2Run and I picked out my birthday gift..

Brooks Ghost 7, different than what I had before but more stable and can withstand the mileage I am putting on. These will get me to September then I will buy another pair to cross the finish line in. I am so blessed to have a boyfriend who supports and loves me in this running. He is my back bone. Sure we have our fights and really bad days but there is no one else I want to spend my days with.

We then checked out this pop bar downtown that we heard about. They have sorbet or gelato and you can have them like a Popsicle. 

I got the coconut chip and it was heavenly. I could have had another and another! This is my new favorite place for sure. Next time I go back I will take more pictures to show.

We headed back home to relax because we wanted to go downtown to see fireworks at night. We ate at home knowing we were going to just have drinks. 

We changed and headed out just in time..

I was loving my outfit! My shirt was from Victoria Secret's, a small and so comfy. I am buying more of them for sure!! I felt great and loved my hair. I am loving the way my legs look hair, they are toning up and thinning out.

Sure I didn't have a great weigh in and sometimes I feel like a horse but you have to own the moments you just feel good.

We saw the fireworks and then had a night about town.. We drank and had some snacks at a tapas bar and it was the best date night. We needed a night like this..

And today I paid for it lol..def was a bit hungover...thankfully it was a rest day per training!!

Then this happened..

I dropped my phone on my tile floor and it didn't make it. So I got a new one and I am loving it!!!

I spent my rest day playing and setting it up, napping and hydrating for my 13 miles on deck tomorrow and carb loading a bit..

I love marathon training for this!!! Yum!!

My weekend off has been wonderful. Haven't tackled my laundry, reading or social media stuff yet, but these past two days have been great!!!