Thursday, July 10, 2014

Influenster Review on First Aid Shot Therapy

I was given this product for free for my review of the product through Influenster.

I received the Surfs Up Vox box this past month and I loved it. Inside was this item...

First Aid Shot Therapy. It is a liquid fast relief to aches and pains. It is quick and goes down smooth. The flavor was berry but did have a crushed up Tylenol taste to it. I didn't mind it but I would not take it often. If I had it around and in a pinch I would go for it.

I felt a bit of a relief but it was not lasting. I took it after I ran 13.1 miles because my muscles were super sore and I need a quick relief.

I think it is a decent product to keep in your purse for on the go.