Saturday, July 12, 2014

Week 11 done and What I Ate For the Day

A pretty non eventful and quite Saturday for me. It is a rest day from plan which is nice but a full day of work. Since nothing big or new in my day or even running related, I figured I would show what I ate
For the day with my points. 

I get 26 points a day with Weight Watchers and 49 extra points a week. I can use those however I feel fit. And then I get activity points and those can vary from activity to activity and week to week. Last week I earned 52 and this week I have in 14 so far.  

I used to eat all my activity points and it was working for a bit but then I noticed I was eating those and all the weeklies and I wasn't burning and gaining. So now I have switched it to eat just my weeklies and if I want on high activity weeks I will tap into the activity ones if I feel I need too.

So here is my day...

For Breakfast I had

A cup of coffee with 2 tablespoons for fat free half and half with 2 Splenda :0pp
2 multi grain waffles from Aldi-2pp
1/4 cup of fresh blueberries on top-0pp
1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon raisin almond butter ( I'm writing a post on that alone)-1pp
1 teaspoon of sugar free syrup 

Breakfast total-5pp

At work I got a banana and Venti Unsweetened Iced Green Tea with one Splenda from Starbucks-0pp

I packed my lunch for work, like always and brought

1/4 cup of Buffalo wing Almonds-4pp
Baby bel light cheese wedge-1pp
Turkey sandwich on reduced calories bread with lettuce and two sandwich pickles and hot mustard-3pp

Lunch total-7pp

Mid afternoon snack was an apple and finished my 74.4 ounces of water!

Dinner was a bit of a snacks one, I wasn't sure what I wanted and quite frankly I wanted anything and everything. I had plans of getting something for Pollo Tropical but it feel through so I was all over the place.

4 green olives with pits-0pp
9 Ritz whole wheat crackers-3pp
14 slices of turkey pepperoni-2pp
1.4 ounces of Sharp Cheddar Cheese-4pp
1 1/2 cup of Campbell's Burger and Veggie Soup-5pp

And some mister mustard and a diet coke-0pp

I love snack plates because I can settle everything I am wanting.

Dinner total-14pp

Then as a quick after dinner treat because I just bought this at Big Lots and was dying to try them..

Serving size is 11 pieces for 5pp!! They are amazing!! I had 5 pieces for 2pp. These things are soooo good! They would be a great addition to a trail mix of just a quick snack.

For the day total of 29 points, not too shabby at all. Since I love something sweet before bed I allow myself another little treat for no more than 3pp. To make it 32, it is 6pp over so I will be taking from my weeklies but earning it back tomorrow with my run! Win win.

Now not all my days are like this. I tend to eat different items each day to keep myself on point and so I never get bored. It works for me! I think I might do this more often with posting it because I feel more accountable and in tune!

Have a great weekend!!