Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Transformation Tuesday

That was me, 5 years ago. I had just moved from MA and was home in NY for a couple of days before I was heading down here to Florida to start my new life. See I was very overweight, but I didn't see it. I hid behind make up and cute clothes, tight ones and just assumed the dryer shrunk everything. I didn't exercise and I had just quit smoking a month or so ago. I was happy and I was bubbly but something was missing. I think deep down inside I knew I was not who I was suppose to be, this was not my body. Not the body I wanted. It would take me almost 2 more years from this point to realize that. So here is the thing I was never depressed or hated myself, I was the same person but just not shining how I felt on the inside, outside.

5 years later through dedication, motivation, Weight Watchers and running...

I am still smiling!!

But this smile has way more behind it. There is a sparkle and a spark and satisfaction with it. I am smiling from the deepths of my soul and I feel good inside and out. Even dripping in sweat, I am beaming. That smile is true and fierce!

I still have some ways to go but I know now my smile is genuine and true. I'm not hidden anymore and I have never felt better...