Thursday, July 31, 2014

84 Miles in July & A Hot and Sweaty 3.56 Miles to End the Month

Last day of July...

I ran for a total of 84 miles for this month. 84 miles in earlier hours, after work, very early mornings and hot and humid, crazy sweaty runs. Its crazy 84 miles for the whole month and next month will be over a 100. It scares me and excites me all at the same time. This is just 84 miles in running. I put in even more miles on the bike, walking, and other XT activities.

The best part, I survived it.  Sure it has been hell at times, but I made it through, no excuses and just got it done. The good thing about August, is I really have nothing going on. Nothing big with work, no vacations of time off. No reason to be super tired or burned out, so I can dedicate a lot of my energy and time my training. Making myself stronger with each mile.

I am ready for August. I am ready to go longer miles and really push it. Also means two months until the half. Oh man. Scary and every emotion in between.

Today, was a nice and quick 3.56 miles. I slept in because I had to close. As much as I loved sleeping in, it was way to late for me to be running. I went out at 9:30 and the sun was beaming down on me. It was hot and I forgot water, I couldn't even make spit. I was dying of thirst. You think I would learn my lesson.

I got the mileage in and was able to relax, do laundry and make dinner and lunch for work. I am still feeling a bit tired, but not as bad as last week. I am hoping my body is adjusting.

Okay enough with my rambling and random. Tomorrow is a fun day, XT, work and then a Ray's game for the night!!