Monday, July 7, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 78: Sore and The Sopranos

Happy Monday and back to the routine after a wonderful 3 day weekend off of work.

The beauty is I am off again on Wednesday, so retail does have it's perks even if I work a non traditional type of schedule like most.

I have to admit today was a sore day. My legs were very sore and so was my core. My stomach and sides felt like I did a 1000 crunches. I am not sure if it was because of the fuel belt or my stance with the hills but it was different. My legs were quite sore but I managed after work to get in a 2 mile walk which was called for per training.

Normally this would a rest day for me because I figured I would have too after running that much, but training as me at a walk or XT of 40 minutes. So I did just that. Now, as my long runs increase, I am sure, I will use it as a rest day depending on how I am truly feeling. Its all about listening to my body and how it is responding to the running. And today it wasn't so bad.

Also with yesterday, I was hungry but not as hungry as I normally am, or I just made really good choices that kept me full all day. I earn 30 points alone in activity for running 13 miles and normally I would eat all those 30 back but I decided to eat only half and I was okay with it, I felt fine. I ate a lot of veggie through out the day which definitely helped. That is key and I drank so much water, I am surprised I didn't drown.

I am still learning and finding what works best for me.

And really that's all I got today.

Oh and James and I started watching The Sopranos on HBO GO. I know it is forever old, I have watched a couple of shows here and there but never really got into it. We are always late to the party. But now we are starting it from the beginning and I am already dreaming of the show. I was dreaming last night I was part of it, it is going to make for an interesting nights sleep for 10 seasons lol.