Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 80: Quite and Weigh In

Okay I have to admit I am leading a very boring life today.

I am so very much okay with that!!!

I got up this morning and my laziness was kicked right in. I knew today had to be a walk or XT day, I just was not having it. No real energy and no desire. Not sure why, I think I was just enjoying sleeping and heck sometimes a day off is needed.

This is where I would normally put another rest day in and believe me I was going too, but I knew I would regret it. So I put on my Big Girl Panties and went to our little fitness center. I did 30 minutes on the bike which comes to 6 miles and then 10 minutes of some abs and lifting weights for my flabtastic arms.

I did okay at the gym, but I am sure I could go a little faster or harder but I just wasn't having it. But I got something done, better than nothing.

After I came home and enjoyed a big cup of coffee to just get me going and then I knew I had to go and weigh in at Weight Watchers. I was hungry but decided to wait until after the weigh in.

Wrong idea because we were going to run errands but then enjoy Chipotle for lunch.

Okay so at my weigh in, I was down 1.4!


Even though I was really, really hoping for me. Like much more. But that weight gain last week was a slap in the face and I want to get back down to the 150's by the time of my Marathon and I am going to be working my ass off to get there. Because on my weigh in days, I cheat a little, not in the sense I go crazy, but I just don't track that day, just a day off I suppose from that too.

Sometimes I just need a time to clear my head. We did Chipotle for lunch which was awesome as always and now we are going to BBQ for dinner with family. I have been really loving BBQ lately, a lot. Then we are coming home and curling up for the night with a glass of wine and the Sopranos, they just might be taking the hole of Breaking Bad.

I have had a wicked headache all day, I think it is sinues which sucks, so all in all I think my body is telling me something, so taking it easy today. And it has been super nice.

Happy Hump Day