Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Long Monday and 60 Day Countdown

Happy Tuesday Morning...

Yesterday was a bit of a world wind day for me. After working all day and being exhausted on Sunday, I planned yesterday morning to get up at 6 and do my XT on the bike before I had to be to work at 8:15. BUT, I was dead tired, it was raining and I just wanted some more sleep.

I am a pure baby like that. I love my sleep and try to get it as much as I truly can. So I skipped the alarm and got a good hour of sleep. I figured since I got out of work at 4:30, I would go meet up with James and his mom for some dinner and then come home and get on the bike. I packed my bag and everything.

They came in to see me at work and literally as I was telling them I would be seeing them in a few hours, the girl who was suppose to work, called off.

Story of my life. So I was left there to do an open to close.

I wasn't prepared for an open to close, meaning no food, no drinks and really uncomfortable shoes. Luckily they were still in the mall, so the best boyfriend that he is, brought me back Subway for dinner.

Even though I worked 13 hours yesterday, I did not want that to hurt me not getting on the bike and getting in my training plan. So I dragged myself to the gym and got an awesome 40 minutes on the bike, which was nice, because I got to sit, I know sad, I hadn't sat all day, and got caught up on Social Media and some of my nook.

Speaking of sad, how horrible is it that Robin Williams died?? Breaks my heart. Now I did not know him personally, like most of us, but it effects us in all ways. He was a great actor, comedian, etc. It really hardens my heart that it is due to suicide. The sadness and desperation people feel and just think that leaving this world is the best way out. I have had a couple of people very, very close to me, die from suicide and it is too hard. I wish his friends and especially family much love and peace in this time.

A LOT of people were taking to Instagram and Twitter and Facebook with this picture...

With the caption, Genie...You're free..

Totally broke my heart and made me realize how many movies I really loved with Robin Williams in them. I completely forgot about Aladdin. And it makes me want to watch a bunch of them now. I hope he is at peace wherever he may be.


Today, was my typical 3 miles. It was not dare I say too hot out this morning. It was enjoyable a bit, I took it a bit slower because of the last few days, my legs have been a bit overworked and with 20 miles on deck on Sunday, I do not want anything to mess that up. I am off today, and it is James's moms last day in town, so I am going to spend the afternoon and night with them.

I am going to weigh in today because I know we are going somewhere yummy for lunch and I want to enjoy the last day she has here with us.

I of course will post later on the weigh in, fingers crossed I have some movement in the right direction.

OH and one more thing....

60 DAYS FOR TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!