Saturday, August 23, 2014

Week 17 Done: A Tough, Challenging BUT Rewarding Week

Alrighty week 17 is done and over with it.

And boy was it a crazy one, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Today, I had planned 4 miles. This is normally not my schedule to run on a Saturday, but because I took my rest day on Thursday, I switched it up. I also wanted to see since, I didn't do two XT days this week, I figured I would do an extra run day.

My training plan is usually only 3 a week, but I really want to push myself. Build my endurance even more, burn some more and make those legs move. It worked this week for sure. I thought this morning when I got up, I could just run after work and sleep in a bit. I have been very tired this week and the morning has been tough.

It is dark, and cozy and I don't have many days I can sleep in. So I slept in until the last possible second before I had to get up for work. I worked my 8 hours and then once I got home, I made sure to get right into my running clothes. I wanted to make sure that my body and mind did not make the connection I was home and start to get to comfortable. It worked.

I got my 4 miles in. My calves were sooo tight. I tried to stretch them out, but man they were really tight. It hurt a lot. So after the run, I had a protein shake and just sat in the tub with some epsom salt bath bubbles. My legs felt nice and relaxed. After I rubbed them down with IcyHot. I forgot how much I love that stuff.

It works!! I need to do this more often, if not every run.

So week 17 is done and I totaled in 32 running miles and 6 miles of XT, which was a half mile of a walk today and 5.50 on the bike on Wednesday.

32 running miles in a week. Wow. I know it will increase a bit more in two weeks, when I take on 23 in one day. But those 32 miles were draining for sure. But tomorrow is another day and the start of a new week.

Unwinding and bed early, getting up early to run 11 miles with Nanci, I am super excited to have her company and we are doing the bridges.

Hope you had an enjoyable Saturday.