Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Start of the 20 miles...

You know when you should relax and just cant..

Yeah that is what is going on with me tonight.

I got out of work sort of early today because of the open to close I did on Monday and decided I needed to grocery shopping again. Seriously I love food shopping more than I love clothes shopping. Being able to have healthy food in my house, makes me more excited than anything and well with training, I love to eat.

I am making myself lay on the couch all night. Feet up and relaxed, except for when I have to make my pasta. Which I plan on eating late again like I did last time. It really helped and kept me full before the run.  I have to get up at 3:00 am. I mean seriously who does that and is okay with it. I want to start running by 4:00 am, so I can be done after 8 and before the heat kicks in.

I am hoping to be done with a little over 4 hours. I am not stressing about the mileage, I am just going to run like I did for 17 but with 3 more miles. Then I will have the whole rest of the day tomorrow to just kick back and relax. I have a Nook Book I am planning on diving into and taking a nice long nap. Oh and refueling and recovery.

I have to open on Monday morning and I know I will be sore. So I am going to relax as best as I can tomorrow. My motivation to get through the 20 miles is simple, visioning that finish line. I want to just do it, knowing I can do it. I already did 17, it is only 3 more miles, or 36 more minutes. I can run for 36 more minutes than the last time.

My clothes are laid out, my hydration pack is cleaned, my fuel items are ready to go. I am ready for these 20 miles tomorrow.