Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Some randomness from my day off

Kind of an update post from my last pity party post from the weigh in. No pun intended it weighed me down today, it made me a bit sad and mad. But man all those comments and encouragements, holy heck did they help.

I ended up using the rest of my day off to just work on me. I have laundry to do and such, but I put it aside and just did whatever I wanted. I turned the T.V. on for only a little bit, I made myself an awesome lunch and laid out by the pool for well over an hour.

It was freaking hot out there.

I finished a book, If I Stay. I saw that the movie was coming out, it looked really good, but the ending, blahhh. I wasn't overly impressed with it. I understand that the book is an continuation. But blahh it wasn't all that great. I do want to see the movie to see if it matches up.

I took a long 2 hour nap, no alarm set, just sleep and I got on the bike for 30 minutes, 5.80 miles. My legs were still feeling a bit heavy, so I just took the 30 minutes. Like Jeff Galloway says, you don't need to XT to finish a marathon, but I love the extra work. Really, the bike is my time, I don't get all sweaty and nasty, but I really work out my legs and I can get that hill work in. My legs were kind of shaky after, so I had some protein to rebuild back those muscles.

My mother set me straight, she said, you better be eating for this marathon. Don't let the scale take that away from the experience and the finish line.

I tell ya, she gets it right. And that is exactly what I am doing. I am not eating cakes and pies, pizza every night, or candy bars. I am eating to fuel my body. I know I need a bit more veggies and fruit, and I am working on that. But today became much better, once I slapped myself around a bit.

Tomorrow, is seriously a really long day, I have 4 miles in the morning and then working all day, literally 9-9. Not all that thrilled with it, but it is what I have to do. And I am glad I have my fridge with me at work, because I am packing for the whole day. Protein bars, a sandwich and fruits and veggies.

Hope everyone had a great day!