Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Weekly Weigh In

I completely forgot to post my weigh in from this week.

I weighed in yesterday because I thought I was going to be hanging out with James and his mom for the day. My plans got all switched around, but I still weighed in anyway. To my surprise and very pleasant surprise, I was down 1.6. I was so thrilled to see that happen. I was very good last week. I ate all my weeklies and a couple of my activity points. I did earn 68 activity points last week too.

I made sure I am on my water quest and I felt great all week. I was sleeping really awesome too, probably because James was away for most of the week too. He is the worst sleeper, moves all over the place, snores like a freaking monster, so it was a nice change of pace. And I had my time of the month too the end of the week, but I still lost.

This week is a bit of a challenge because I have 20 miles on Sunday. I am really, really going to work hard on that day to be on track, fuel my body properly and hydrate like crazy. I am hoping and fingers crossed, this plateau I am on, is finally coming off.

Keeping on, Keeping on...