Sunday, August 3, 2014

Running..Sweating..Crying..& Dancing My Way Through 17 Miles

Today was another big milestone day for me and I think it went way better than expected and from the last one.

Per training, today was 17 miles. As you know, I was super nervous and excited for this run. Nervous in the fact it is more miles, more sweat, more tears, more minutes and more pain and hurt. But to be quite honest there really was nothing to be nervous about. I went into this run with the mind frame, it is just two more miles than last time, 25 more minutes. I did 15, I can do 17.

And I did...

Like I mentioned I closed at work last night and didn't get home until 9:30. James had my pasta all done and ready for more. I threw in some chicken breasts to it and ate happily. I was starving and knew I needed to eat a little bit more for the carbs and fuel. I split some popcorn with James and for my sweet tooth, had some nutbutter and a banana. I actually made it to bed around midnight.

I know that sounds crazy, since I had to get up at 4, only 4 hours of sleep, but you know what it really does work for me. I get more sleep on Friday-Saturday night, that it fuels and works for me for my long runs on Sunday. Thank goodness because I know I will not be able to sleep the night before the marathon.

I got up this morning and was ready to go. My body felt good, I felt good. I burned my first set of waffles. I was distracted and a bit tired lol

I enjoyed my PB and waffles with a banana.

So good and my perfect fuel. While I am not sure if the hotel will have whole wheat waffles for when I do the marathon, I am going to have to try a bagel or something so I am prepared on how that does on my stomach.

The weather was okay this morning, it was hot and humid, but there was a breeze. I felt truly great.. My outfit didn't have any problems and my backpack and fuel belt worked very well. So I figured since 17 miles is a lot of mileage, I would write 17 things that went on today with the run for fun, plus the idea popped in my head while I was running, kept me entertained for a lot of mileage.

1. I lubed myself up with Body Glide this morning and had no problems whats so ever, even brought it with me and at mile 11, added some more to my neck and arms.
2. Didn't do my back and now I have a big chaff mark and it hurts like hell, right in the middle, bra line status.
3. Lizards have a death wish, I probably murdered a dozen of them today.
4. I love running by All Children's Hospital. It is inspiring and heart warming.  it It is quite, I know little kids are in their fighting for their lives and I want to fight with them.
5. St. Pete has A LOT of homeless. I feel horrible when I run past them sleeping on benches, under bridges, in doorways and right on the sidewalk.
6.And it scares the crap out of me, I don't want to startle them or them startle me.
7. I love running with music, I am just not there yet where I don't need too.
8. Pandora Top Hits, makes my runs fantastic.
9. I am perfecting the run/dance.
10. Literally at mile 7.5, I was dancing while running, I think insanity set in
11. I saw the best sunrise this morning. It was so beautiful I didn't want to take a picture because it wouldn't have done the justice.
12. I wanna keep those moments in my head forever.
13. I thought my shadow in the really early morning was my father running with me. 
14. At mile 16, I knew he was. I had a surge of energy and I was just taking off.
15. I ran through the campus at USF and it made me miss my college days.
16. I loved hate running, but I wouldn't change my Sunday mornings at all.
17. Once, I finished, I cried and knew I was going to be able to finish this marathon.

While, I am sure there were a million other things too going on in my head, these were some highlights of my 3 hour and 35 minute running experience. Today, I felt really strong running. My legs and knees hurt a bit, but nothing where I was in a lot of pain and doubled over. There was a point when I just wanted to take off my clothes and shoes and just run naked. Scary I know, but my clothes were so heavy from the sweat and I was just getting annoyed and then I talked myself out of it and carried on lol.

 I love the 2:1's. They make a HUGE difference. I felt better, and I felt I could keep going. Even when I was tired, my feet were killing me, the backs of my legs were giving out, NOT ONCE did I think about turning around, or giving up or stopping. I will always make sure I get those miles in and not give up. T

It is just not an option.

I am happy with my pace of 12:41 over 17 miles. I will continue to say this, this is not a pace race for me, I just want to enjoy it and finish. This training is truly amazing to me. I know I am changing. I am changing in how I feel, what I think and how I act. I look in the windows as I run by and I am so proud of who I see running along. Sure, I have a ways to go but not once did I ever vision this being my life.

Training has emotionally, physically and mentally drained me. But this training is so worth, I could never do it with it.

I can't wait for the other milestones I have coming up. And I am loving the ones, I have experienced thus far.

Now back to spending the rest of my day resting and relaxing and enjoying the prideful feeling of what I accomplished today. My friend texted me and told me today was a breakthrough day for me and it truly was.