Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week 15 Recap and Weekend Fun

Okay so the countdown is getting smaller and smaller. Two months from today, if we do it by Sundays until my marathon, but if we count it from 12th-12th, 62 days!!!!


This whole training process have been flying by and before we know it I will be posting on marathon day.

Anyway before I give myself a heartache, a little recap of the last two days, since I didn't post yesterday.

I was off of work yesterday and instead of sleeping and using the day as a rest day, which Saturdays normally are, I got up at 6 and went running for 4.50 mils. My legs felt a bit heavy and I felt like I was really pushing but it felt great either way. After my run, I made plans to meet up with James's mom for the day since he had to work and I wanted to get downtown.

It would be the first time that we hung out together alone, without James. And we had an absolute blast. She is truly an amazing mother and so much fun. We went shopping at all the little shops of downtown, we went to the Saturday Morning Market, we hung out by the pool, got eyebrows done and then had some happy hour of our own with wine. I spent the whole day with her and it was really nice. We ended the night with James after he got out of work and had the best pizza in downtown.

If you are ever in downtown St. Pete, got to Wood Fired. Thin crust pizza, paper thin, you can have 4 slices to equal maybe two of regular pizza. I went home right after because I was exhausted and knew I was wanting to get up and run this morning.

I was knocked out when I got home and slept great. BUT this morning when that alarm went off, I was cursing to the high heavens and saying a big FU to marathon training. Out of all my runs, this was the first time, I was really thinking about sitting it out. I just wanted to crawl back in bed and go to sleep. BUT I have a goal set in place and I am a big girl and suck it up and get it done.

The main reason was because my TOM was here and I was just tired from it and because I had to work today all day long. It was my one Sunday to work and my only small long run this month, it made sense. I dragged myself out of bed and got a nice 8 miles in. The first 4 were tough and I felt like I was just warming up and it turns out, I really was.

The last 4 my run became my own. I had negative splits for the first time on a long run in like forever. It was an awesome feeling to look down at my watch and realize that. My confidence soared and the even better part was I could feel my body doing that. I could feel my legs getting looser and I was feeling better.

Oh and then I saw a rainbow. So all my bitching and moaning was for nothing because it turned out to be just what I needed.

And the good vibes stayed with me all day and work was super quick and painless and now I can relax all night and bed is calling my name, very early.

Since I missed it yesterday, here is a recap of Week 15

Running: 28.45 miles
Walk: 0
XT/Bike: 6 miles
Total 38.45 miles.

I haven't ran 28 plus miles I think during any kind of training. The miles are piling up between, running, walking and XTing.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend like mine and indulge in all the little things