Thursday, August 14, 2014

Would You Rather...Running Questions

My awesomely, marathon training, runner and WW loving,  friend Nanci over at This Crazy Life of Mine, posted this yesterday and I LOVED it. I thought it was such a fun and unique post, that I wanted to do the same, since I am too all about running and training for my marathon. Check out Nanci's too, she has some great answers to hers!!!

Would you rather? Running Edition

1. Would you rather run a 5k or a marathon?
This is a tough one to answer since I am in the mist of training for my first ever marathon. I can tell you I love training for a marathon, the structure and time and patience and I love long distance running. I am loving the process and I am sure I am going to love the final race. But a 5k sometimes is just perfect. I love the distance, the excitement and the pace and ability to PR with a 5k. It is great warm-up and race to be able to do with friends. I'm going to say a marathon though because I love a challenge and life changing experiences.

2. Would you rather run a flat race in the heat or a hilly race in the cold?
Another really tough one for me, considering I have been training in the flat lands with the heat and humidity here in Florida AND my marathon I am training for will be a hilly race in October, which will seem quite cold for me. I am not a fan of the heat at all, but after a long run it takes a second to cool down. For me the cold just chills you right to the bones and takes forever to warm back up. I am not a fan of hills, downhill yes, but uphill, oh geez. I am going to have to say the heat and flat because I have lived in the cold and I hate it. BUT, I will love the hills and cold for my marathon because it will be a nice change of pace, no bun intended.

3. Would you rather get new running shoes or a new running outfit?
A new running outfit for me. I am obsessed with running clothes, I cant walk into a store without having to buy something I can wear while running. Hey, if I am going to look sweaty and gross, at least I can look sort of cute. And I am on the outlook for a new outfit for the big day. I love running shoes too, but I have the same ones because I know what works best for me.

4. Would you rather run a race without headphones or without a Garmin?
I would say I would rather run without my Garmin. I love my music, it keeps me grounded and stable. I need the music and the groove, it lets my mind wander and when a song comes on I love, it gives me that extra boost I need. Sometimes my Garmin depresses me if I see I am going slower than normal, or how far I have left to go. I am all about no pace or time, just me and my music and the road.

5. Would you rather run an hour on the treadmill or in a circle around the same street for an hour?
 I hate running on the treadmill, I mean seriously I do. It is hell to me. So I would much rather run in a circle for an hour. Plus I love being outdoors running, despite how hot and humid or nasty it is out.

6. Would you rather run a Ragnar Relay or a Marathon relay?
I would rather a Ragnar. They seem like a ton of fun and I always have wanted to do a late night run. Plus I think running with a team and making a whole experience out of it would be neat. I want to experience only one marathon and that is the one in October. ( I say that now lol )

7. Would you rather come in 4th in the Olympics or 1st in the NYC marathon?
Geez, neither or these would seem possible for me haha. I can dream though and I would have to say 1st in the marathon, but I would be honored to participate in either of those anyway.

8. Would you rather give up running for a year to get a BQ (Boston Qualifying Time) or never BQ and run as much as you want?
While I would LOVE to run Boston, I would not want to give running for a year. Running for me is so much more than a race or time or pace. It is my lifestyle, it is what I love to do and love doing it. It is just about running wherever and whenever I want.

9. Would you rather run in an urban area or a trail area?
I already run in a very urban area, so I would love to run in a trail area. A lot of people I know do so and find that is fun and a neat experience, I want to try it at least once.

10. Would you rather have a headache during a run or a side stitch?
I have had both and both very much suck, a lot. But a side stitch is much more bearable for me. My headaches get worse when running and last for the whole day.

11. Would you rather run in a thunderstorm or a snowstorm?
I have come close to running in a thunderstorm and I really didn't want to get hit by lightening, terrifying. So I would say a snowstorm.

12. Would you rather have a rest day on a work day or a day off?
Well, all my rest days seem to fall on a work day, even though I love to run on my days off, I would love that just one would fall on a day off, so I could be a lazy bum all day long.

13. Would you rather run just because or train for a race?
Train for a race all the way, training for a race for me is running just because. It gives me a purpose and structure and I love having a plan to follow and keep in place. And I love being able to vision a finish line on each of my runs for motivation.

Thank you Nanci for such a fun post idea. I think now I am going to go off and run :0)!!!