Sunday, August 24, 2014

Running Friends, Conquering bridges and Relax! Week 18 begins

Good Sunday Morning!!

I kicked off Week 18 with these awesome people this morning 

Nanci and her hubby and her friend Corrina! We got in 11 miles doing the bridge I have now dubbed the Iron Girl Bridges. We ran through a lot of really beautiful areas and places of Clearwater I have never been. Nanci even hid a water cooler at mile 5 so we could stop and refill and drink cold ice water! It was genius and perfect timing.

It's always a blast to run with friends and make new ones. Nanci's hubby ran the whole 11 miles too with us, the farthest he has ever run and he isn't even training for a race or a half or any marathon for that. How sweet and amazing is he!! 

I would love James to do that with me or ride along BUT I can always count on him to be there when I get home with a big warm hug and a robe. Nanci and I even ran over the bridge non stop, no walking at all. I felt invincible doing that. I always try but I talk myself out of it and we set it to do it and wow, even after 10 miles in. 

It was a great morning and my legs felt so much better after having a salt bath last night and using IcyHot. My calves were not tight and after running 3 days back to back.

I am thankful tomorrow is a XT day which I might use as a walk and try to get James to go with me.

After our awesome run we went to Starbucks and got drinks and hung out. I would have gotten food also but I knew I wanted my typical egg whites, turkey sausage and reduced calorie bread. Nanci got this almond bun thingy, it looked amazing, next time I will splurge and cheat on my eggs.

The great thing about today I have nothing planned. We were crockpoting tonight, chicken thighs with Greek dressing and reduced fat feta and chick peas. See, I'm getting in my protein. With that I can be lazy.

I was gonna go to the pool but I was hot enough so I took a long nap. Felt great and I'm staying lazy and reading my Nook on the couch until James gets home. Laundry and mopping the floor can wait until tomorrow!! My long run Sundays are made for this!!

Have a great day!!