Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cooler Weather, PSL & Transformation Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!!

Today started off awesome with my typical Tuesday 3 mile run.

I remember when I started my training, I didn't know if I would be able to do the 3 miles every Tuesday because it is my really early day at work. I have to be there by 815, and I am not one to get up early on a work day, I LOVE MY SNOOZE.

But after doing this over and over, I really look forward to my Tuesday 3 miles. I might even keep this tradition going after marathon training. I always feel great and ready for the day, even if it is going to be a really long day like today was, a 10.50 hours.

Oh and what made today even more amazing was this...

COLD FRONT!!!! Hahaha!

It wasn't all that cool but you could totally tell. It was glorious. And made me feel hope that fall is just around the corner. Seriously beside the whole marathon experience, I am more excited with the fact that it will be cooler and the leaves will be changing and low humidity in PA in October. We don't get that here in Florida.

Because we were having a cold front, haha, I decided to treat myself to another amazing thing that made my day..

with non fat milk and no whip :0)

First one of the season, first anything pumpkin I have put in my coffee. Oh it tasted so heavenly. I enjoyed this bad boy in quite before I opened the store this morning. I savored every sweet drop. I can not wait for Dunkin Donuts to have theirs out soon, that is my all time favorite, but Starbucks, this was delicious today.

It should totally be year round.

OH and word of warning, once I get on my pumpkin kick, it will be on!!!

And I really loved what I was wearing today, I felt great wearing it, I wanted to do a little transformation Tuesday. I have been hard on myself lately with the scale. We are having quite the battle, so I decided to find a picture of me before to just slap me in my face and show me how far I have really come.

First it was really hard for me to find full body shots of myself. I had none. I only took head shots because I knew I was not happy with how I looked. This picture was from May of 2011. I had joined WW, 4 months prior and I was down 30 pounds from my starting weight, in the picture I am 205. I loved seeing that scale go down. I was loving how I was starting to feel and I loved this day at Busch Gardens with my mom, her bf and James. I felt confident to wear a tank top. I look at that is picture now and I can feel and see how confident I really was. But in shock of how big I really was. James never saw or expressed me being that big and I never saw myself that bag. I was carrying A LOT of weight on my small 5 foot frame.

And today...

It really shocks me at how much the difference is and I am 169 in this picture as of my weigh in last week. I don't have all that weight in my middle and my whole body is thinning out. It is only a 36 pound different in 3 years but it goes to show that inches really do make a difference and show a difference. I need to see this more often, I need to look at myself in the mirror and see this more often. I need to see past the number and just focus on the progress.

I needed this tonight to look at this, regardless what the scale may say tomorrow or any day. I am doing it right, I don't care if it takes years, I will get there, one pound and one step at a time.