Saturday, August 2, 2014

Quick Update and Revamping My Training

Good Saturday Morning...Almost Afternoon.

I was absent from a post yesterday because I was busy from morning until night.

Here's a quick little recap. I have some pictures to post from my day yesterday, but I am rushing to get ready for work, so a seperate post will be tomorrow.

I was going to do a walk or XT yesterday, BUT, I am doing 17 miles on Sunday. I have researched other marathon training programs and each one had at least two days of rest, especially before the long run. Mine does not, it has only one. And I have noticed in my mind and body, I really sometimes need that extra day, especially since my mileage and mid week runs are ramping up.

I have been just taking the Saturday off from anything, but I know with 17 miles, I need at least two before. I felt it with the 15, my legs were a bit sore and heavy. So yesterday, I just worked and I can feel a difference.

James and I went to the Ray's game last night and had a blast. It was nice for us to do something different, we normally just come home and relax, being we both work retail, our lives are busy all the time. He has put in a lot of hours this week too, so it was nice for us to unwind. I was craving margaritas and chips with salsa.

I think my body knows I will be sweating out a lot of salt Sunday, it wanted to prepare it's self. The game was good and we also got a set of wine glasses for attending. SCORE!

After the game we went to Taco Bell. You can tell the drinks had something to do with that. I tried their Cantina Power Bowl with Chicken. Really delicious and a lot bigger than I thought. I am all about protein and this was wonderful. I would get it again for sure. Way to go Taco Bell!

We passed out when we got home, we were exhausted and I slept amazing last night and slept in today. I actually woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go. So much that I have paid all my bills, have a load of laundry in, writing this blog and other things. I know tomorrow, I will be a bit beat, so I wanted to get it done today.

I am nervous but so very excited about running 17 miles tomorrow. I will get up at 4 again and start running by 5. The only thing is tonight I am closing at work. I wont get home until 9:30 and then I will eat dinner. Which James is making me pasta. YUM!! I know people say eating late is bad, but I have done it my whole weight loss journey. My body is used to it, eating early, just does not work for me.

I am carb loading a bit today. I mean I did some yesterday haha. Bringing my lunch and drinking tons of water. I will pee all day today. I have laid out my clothes and got my fueling all set. So I can come home, unwind and relax, even though I will probably only get a few hours of sleep. But it's okay, I got tons last night.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday!!