Saturday, August 30, 2014

Week 17 Completed

So another week done and over with. This week was successful. My energy was up, it was a low mileage week, which I do like every so often. And I got some variety in this week too.

Sunday:11 miles in Clearwater with Nanci and gang
Monday: 2 mile walk with my LOVE
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 11.6 miles on the bike
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 4 miles
Saturday: Rest

18 Running Miles
13.6 XT miles

I have been sleeping much better, my hunger of course is there. Some days I could eat everything in the kitchen and other days not so much. Tomorrow embarks on another crazy run day. Tomorrow morning, or actually in like 11 hours, I will be starting my 23 mile training run.

I am not nervous or scared, I am kind of excited. I just want to run and go and get it over with it. Break that mental wall. I was going to get up at 3 like when I did 20 but I realized that was just way to early for me. I didn't feel right, it messed me all up that one hour. So on the back end of the runs, it will be a little hotter, but I will deal.

I am going to take my time. Drink lots of water, I am bringing my Sharkies, GU and Cliff Blocks to get me going. After my run, it is an ice bath and a big old brunch with James. I am hunger thinking about how hungry I am going to be. He is off tomorrow, so we get to spend the day together. Normally, I would just crash, and I am sure I will, but I want to do something with him, we don't get the same day offs together often.

Plus I am off on Monday, so I could care less if I nap super late, I am off the next day. And I am set up for success, I have little laundry to do and hardly any cleaning. I did that this week, so I could just relax. I am hoping I am up to do a little shopping on Monday, but I am not pushing it.

And you know what I am not stressing over these miles. It is only 3 more than what I have done the last time, 36 more minutes. I have been doing some carb loading today and enjoying my pasta now for dinner. Then really, really attempting to be asleep no later than 11. I got great sleep last night, so it usually carries over.

Have a great Saturday. I will post sometime tomorrow how the mileage goes.