Thursday, August 14, 2014

What I have done the last 112 days...

Okay so tomorrow and Saturday I am using as Rest Days. I haven't had a rest day since last Thursday and I do have to say I am looking forward too, but this week hasn't been all that bad. I really am becoming a bit stronger.

Today is a run day and normally the plan is to run for 30-45 minutes, I usually switch this all around and do kind of whatever I please, it usually sits between 3-5 miles, depending on what I have going on. Today, I did 5 miles.

I am off of work today and made the decision last night to not set an alarm or anything, I was just going to sleep until I wanted to get up. I woke up around 7:30 and then went back to bed until a little after 10! I was thrilled and felt great. I had the idea I was going to go downtown tonight and run because I needed to go to Fit2Run after to get some fueling options for the 20 miler on Sunday.

Well, I saw the weather looked overcast and rainy, so the pool idea was out, so I thought either time I run, it is going to be hot, might as well go now. Last time I ran in the afternoon, I nearly died it was so hot. Today, was not the case. Believe me it was hot and it rained on me a bit, but I wasn't dreading it or wanting it to end. The lightening strikes were the only thing really having me nervous.

I got the 5 miles in and even had a pee break. I hydrated a lot before I ran, so I knew I was going to break at some point. I went to Fit2Run after and got lots of fuel options, so I have some for upcoming runs too and I got clip lights for my hat, since I am going out at 4:00 am on Sunday, yeah I really do not want to trip and fall.

When I got home I saw that I have finished Week 16 of my marathon training, since I am using two Rest Days to finish out the week, witch also means I have to flip my board over to write the next 8 weeks. I will be completing 24 weeks of training. I know it is a long training time, but remember, I started out with very low mileage to build myself up and it worked out beautiful for me.

Since I am a visual and numbers person, I thought it would be neat to see the mileage I have had for the last 112 days. My training plan by Jeff Galloway, The To Finish Training Plan he has, has 3 run days which includes your long run, 2 walk or XT days and one rest day. Now I have changed the rest days and recovery days to fit me as needed. Such as before the long mileage, doing two rest days and a recovery day the day after. And instead of two walk or xt days, I have added an extra run day.

But for the last 112 days, 16 weeks I have..

RAN: 265.97 miles
WALKED: 43.09 miles
XT: 147.43- my XT is usually the stationary bike
TOTALING: 456.49 Miles


My body and my heart and my soul and mind have done all of that for the last 112 days. Now I took measurements of my body the first day of marathon training and I haven't checked yet and I wont until the day before the race, to see what changes have been made in the those  24 weeks.

I am truly amazed with that mileage. I think it is pretty impressive, considering I live in Florida, I work full time, I try to have some sort of a social life and I have gone on vacation here and there in that time frame. I have never given up, never backed down or thrown in the towel. I am excited to see the end mileage and how far I have come.

This experience truly is one of a kind