Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Weigh In and My perfect Day Off

Half way through the week my friends! And I'm ready for this week to be over but not because I'm over it but because Sunday is my Runday! A really, really long Runday! 23 miles on deck Sunday! And because Monday is Labor Day I'm off of work! That makes me even more excited because I plan on sleeping all day long!!  

But let's not get ahead of ourselves shall we.

Today is my day off and I have spent it like I should always spend my days off. I slept in until 9, went grocery shopping, laid out in the pool for 2 hours with my Nook. Literally I sat in the pool with my book the whole time. The water felt amazing on my legs too. I went for lunch with James to Pei Wei, he used a sick day today. 

I love Pei wei and their lighter options. He loves that place and usually I'm not in the mood for it today. Today I was all over it. I came home and then took a two and half hour nap. Felt glorious. I feel no shame when I sleep the afternoon away. Days off are made for this, especially with marathon training. I take advantage of all opportunity to get a nap in.

And then doing my XT on the bike. I have missed the bike, I didn't get it in last week. I could have done an extra run but I missed the bike and the hills workout I do. 

I could have spent my day doing the mounds of laundry we have but you know what it can wait. I need days off like these more often and always at this point haha.

Oh and today was weigh in day and you know what..???

I lost!!!  

2.8 to be exact!! It was such a confidence booster to see that go down after last week. I saw a big difference this week too, I saw it in the mirror and felt it and it showed. Even though I have kind of given up that number it was still nice to see. Let's see how it pans out next week the longer mileage!

Have a great day and we are almost done ;0)