Sunday, February 16, 2014

A little bit of this...a little bit of that

Okay a bit of a confession...

I have been slack a lacking on the cooking aspect of my life. I used to whip up some goodies all the time, via Hungry Girl, Skinny Taste, etc from my many boards on Pinterest. And every since Christmas I have seriously slacked. I am in a cooking rut, I want to do tons of things, but sometimes with time and energy, it just doesn't happen. Well I will make a change to that and promise to post more about my food intake on here than I normally do. I mean it is my life and I post it on Instagram at times, why not here.

I guess because I am so new to blogging. I read a lot and follow a lot of other peoples blogs and I want to get to there level, I'm just not sure how to get there yet. But I have to say, sometimes my favorite time of the day is just sitting down and posting a blog. Thank for you spending time with me and reading my jumbled grammar and rambles.

Yesterday was a long and different kind of day. I had to be to work early and I accidentally over slept by an hour, which in the long run isn't that big of a deal, but I was having a hard time getting my movement together. I felt like a snail. I was tired and cranky and wanted to be off rather than at work, but after I had my Venti Iced Coffee from Starbucks, it kicked in and I was ready to go. Oh and getting this text from Bubba made my day...

 I had planned after work, I was getting out at 3:30, that I was going to go downtown and run a bit. I had some mileage in mind but wasn't going to stick to it because I put a lot of mileage in this week with the 13.1 on Sunday alone, I didn't want to wear my legs out too much.

Plus I didn't get to sit down or eat at work, so before I ran I scarfed down my salad with chicken and got a 5k in. Which after a long week, totaled me to 24 miles. It's crazy because next Saturday and Sunday alone, I will be doing 25.5 in the two days. After my run I headed home and did some catching up on Social Network and fun stuff like that.

James and I went out to dinner for our post Valentine's Day to our favorite restaurant CDRoma's. I order Eggplant Parm with their Vegetarian minestrone soup, which was great! I had two pieces of bread, it is a weakness and two glasses of their Sangria, which also was yummy.

 Oh and I had two small mozzarella sticks. All of it again was so yummy, I couldn't even finish it all and brought it back home. James order pizza and wings and did the same thing. I was starving before we went to dinner and after my run so I made a protein shake to hold me over and not let me over indulge at dinner and that totally helped.

Then when we got home we just watched some Winter Olympics. My stomach was all kinds of crazy, I swear I cant eat anything anymore. Little disclaimer, I need some Beano like woah haha!

I had my last chocolate covered strawberry and a couple of pieces of sugar free chocolate and called it a night.

This morning it is absolutely gorgeous out and I would love to be off of work and enjoying all that it is and by enjoying I mean putting on my running shoes and going downtown, but we have a bridal show today, so I am working that.

I got up a little earlier than sleeping in so I could sit on our back porch, we have a great set up that I never use and brought my paper, breakfast, laptop and coffee and just have been having some nice quite time. It is absolutely perfect. We live right near a busy road, but the cars going by aren't all that horrible. And just like my cooking promise, I will try to do this more often, it kind of made my morning...

But we get done at 4 and its right downtown so I am bringing my stuff and running with the ladies after, which will be so nice and fun because we never get to run together. Nothing crazy or competitive, just a nice fun with some awesome people.

My weekend has been a success so far, hope yours is too!!