Saturday, February 22, 2014

Morning Of Day 1 of Michelob Ultra Amber Challenge: 15k & 5k

Good Morning!!!!

It is super early and when my alarm went off at 4:00, I almost forgot what today was. I was in such a good, deep sleep, I was wondering what was really going on haha. But then I hopped out of bed, ready to go.

My morning routine for a race is pretty easy and simple. I always shower the night before, because I am going to get sweaty anyway, no reason to shower now. I never wear make-up, no point. I get dressed. Toast my waffles and enjoy with PB2. I get up early, so I can a couple of moments like this before I have to leave. Just so I can collect my thoughts, enjoy the quite and think and prepare myself.

I take my vitamins and grab a banana for the road with my Powerbar Energy Blend to have before hand. Everything I am taking with me is packed and ready to go. I treat these days just like I would treat training runs. I don't add anymore pressure, etc. Because today and tomorrow are just about running.

I am doing these races, not for the bragging rights or to see how fast I can go. I have never done an official 15k before, so this is new to me. The last real 5k race I did was the Turkey Trot, where we walked most of it. And signing up for a Challenge, where it is back to back long runs, I mean this is way out of my comfort zone.

I am doing this because I know I can do this. I know I can push my body to its limits and it will respond accordingly. I am not nervous about finishing, because I know no matter what I will finish. I am just going out there and running, just like I would do any other day.

I run for the fun of it all. I run for the experience and the atmosphere. I know I will never be first, and its okay if I am ever last. I run because it is my time and its what I love to do. Will I be the only person out there today running with a beeper, nope not at all. I will be continuing my run/walk intervals, just like I always do. Not sure with the 5k, since it is a small distance, see how I feel.

But I am ready. I am good to go.

So here is to the first round of awesomeness today!!