Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weekly Weigh In & Rest Days

Okay so this week has been all over the place.

I feel like I say that often lol. But this week, with the weekend being pretty freaking epic, the start of this week has been crazy. Okay so Sunday was the half marathon and Monday I took the day off from work. All I did on Monday was just relax, literally, I laid around and did laundry, all day long. It felt great and was very well needed. My legs were killing me and very sore.

Yesterday, I went back to work and decided to not push the running or working out. Since, normally after I run at least one 13.1 mileage I always take one to two days off from running, just to get my muscles and mind frame back. So I took Tuesday off from running and ended up working longer at work and being on my feet all day.

I also weighed in at Weight Watchers and as much as I would love to say I lost all this weight because of running 25.5 miles, it is big old wrong!! Yup I gained. I didn't look at how much I gained, all she said was I gained and I am okay with it. I know what it is from, I always gain after long runs. My body does not respond to long runs with weight loss and I gain.

Even though I gained lets think this through, I gained BUT I completed one of the toughest and biggest accomplishments in my life yet. So that gain means nothing to me. I will get that weight to melt right off, water weight is what it was and well Aunt Flo was in town also. All factors were against me but it means nothing to me, I am 100% okay with it.

I am thinking about coming my doctor to check my thyroid also again. I have been having the symptoms I had last year and my doctor put me on a prescription and it helped, I just didn't stick to it, I think I might give it a try again. Every little thing helps.

Today, I wanted to run more than anything. I wanted to get on the road because my legs were feeling better, but of course Mother Nature had another idea and we have been having a non stop rain storm. Like hurricane like rain, yeah I don't play with that. So tonight has been another rest day and you know what I am okay with that and enjoying the downtown a bit. Unlike last week when I had rest days, I stressed over the running. I am really enjoying the rest and recovery this week and the no pressure.

BUT no lie, hoping I can run after work tomorrow.

I am craving it.

Hope the beginning and middle of your week has been great!