Friday, February 21, 2014

Gasparilla Distance Classic Health & Fitness Expo & Night Before Routine

I love this Expo because there are so many awesome vendors that show up. From shoes, to shirts, to gadgets, to food samples and just fun giveaways. I had a blast today at the expo and I took my time just going up and down every aisle looking at everything. There were some awesome samples, like a protein ice cream, orange juice, Pretzel crisps, some BBQ, Detour sample bars, and Crystal Light flavor juices. I made sure to pick up everything I could.

I purchased some items too. I got two pirate headbands to match with what I am wearing this weekend, a Brooks Run Happy hat (so happy about that), a runner girl magnet for my car too. I couldn't find the the medal hanger, which I am bummed about, I am going to try to find a good one online.

Waiting in line for my challenge pick packet and my bib # and my jacket that comes with my registration, which I absolutely LOVE!!! So well worth it all, I had already received my shirts when I registered.

Size small also!! I could NEVER wear a material jacket like this before in a size small, ever!!

I thought this was the coolest thing at the whole expo. They listed all of the participants names. It was so neat to see my name there..

Being at the expo differently got me pumped up. Hoping I can sleep tonight. 

After the expo, I treated myself to getting my highlighted, I haven't done that in forever, I mean years! It was great to just relax and be pampered a bit.

I picked this shirt at the Fit2Run in Downtown Disney...

I love this shirt so much. I really want to run Disney one time too. Its on my bucket list for sure.

Tonight since tomorrow is the two races, the 15k and the 5k, James and I went out to CD Roma's for my carb loading meal. I will be eating a card tastic meal tomorrow too, but tonight we went out because he got out of work early. 

My typical meal is spaghetti and meatballs with some bread and a salad. I have before any long race and it works for me. Tonight we had the early bird special, which was perfect because it was a smaller portion, which I loved!! And I will be ordering that more often. I recommend asking for a lunch or early bird special, so you can enjoy a extra piece of bread or dessert. Smaller portion but the same perfect taste and not the extra of it all.

Here is my tradition picture...

Now off to a shower, prepping for tomorrow and early sleep.