Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Protein Powder and Smoothie

Good Morning!

It is Wednesday, middle of the week, hump day and only 2 days until Valentine's Day and more importantly my day off! And the last one is a big one, considering last week I thought I was going to be off and then BAM, taken away from me. Considering we are done watching Breaking Bad, we weren't up until 3:00 am, so I was up at 8:00 am, ready to go. Surprising for once, usually I want to just sleep in.

I took advantage of the morning and went out and got 4.14 miles in. I ran just around our neighborhood here and the weather is a bit weird, overcast and windy, but it was a great run. My legs felt a bit stiff, since I ran 13.1 on Sunday and then worked back to back days. After my run, James was still sleeping so I made myself a protein shake/smoothie. I actually thought about it the whole time I was running, I was running home just to make it.

My boss let me know of this protein powder from EAS. It is lean and toned 15 protein powder and for two scoops it is only 100 calories or 3pp. FANTASTIC!!! Most protein powders are almost close to 200 calories, but this one is half that with great, great stats. They come in two flavors, Vanilla Cream or Chocolate Fudge. I got the vanilla because I felt I could use that flavor more to mix fruit or veggies with, while the chocolate fudge I would use more for baking. The whole container runs about 20.00 dollars and I found it in the nutritional aisle at Publix.

I picked this up last night after my Weight Watchers meeting and used it this morning post run.

Neapolitan Smoothie/Shake

2 scoops EAS Lean 15 and Toned Protein Powder (Vanilla Cream)
1 cup of Blue Diamond Unsweetened Chocolate Almond milk
6 medium or small cut up Strawberries
1 cup of ice

Put all in a blender, smooth down, sip and enjoy!

I am all about quantity at times, rather than quality, but this smoothie/shake was big and filled up my 20 oz GNC cup. I don't always like to drink my calories or points, I would rather eat them, but this was perfect and it was quite filling. The whole thing was 4pp with the almond milk.

Very delicious and now a new stable in my lifestyle!

Here is a picture I got off of Google because I am a bit lazy to go into the kitchen and take one..hehe