Sunday, February 2, 2014

Quick Update on Mama

Right after I wrote my post, I got the call from my mom....

Everything was going to be okay!!

She had some slight bleeding behind her eye, but it was not a Blood clot. She will not be having surgery, nor be blind. Nor would she be any fear. The cloudiness she was experiencing was just due to age, the same with the floaters in her eyes. They should go away soon. If in a couple of months it does not, then she will have to go back to the doctors.

For now, she is healthy and okay.

And we are so blessed and happy.

No more worrying. I was scared for 18 hours straight. I can not lose my mother or have anything wrong with her. When you get a phone call like that and you are 1300 miles away, it seriously makes you sick and crazy. I know it is my choice to live this far away and I wouldn't have it any other way, but it does not mean it sucks, sucks real bad when bad things happen.

Since my father passed and I got that dreaded phone call, I fear all phone calls, unexpected from my family. And when my Aunt called the other day, I felt like my world was crumbling down and it was happening all over again. I just couldn't shake the feeling.

Thankfully we are all okay and it was just a scare. But it made me realize how much I really, truly love my mother. Sure we fight, argue and yell at each other from time to time, but I can not imagine my world with out her. She makes me laugh, gives good advice, and loves me unconditionally, did I mention she makes me laugh. We may not see each other as much as we like too, but I need my mother more than ever.

Losing my father devastated me because we were so close. I relied on him for everything. Losing my father also brought my mother and I together closer and she is all I have left out of our 3 person family, even though we were broken for sometime. I love my mother more than anything and times like this, when a scare comes about, cherish those people, because anything can happen in an instant.

Love you Mama