Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finished & Completed the 15k and 5k

What I wore...

I love my girly Pirate Headband hehe...

I finished and completed Day 1 of the Gasparilla Distance Classic Ultra Amber Challenge. As stated before day 1 was first the 15k and then right after the 5k. The morning started off good. I got to Tampa with little to no traffic and found the first parking garage and then the fun began. In our booklet they said you can pay with cash or credit, well I didn't bring any cash because I never have it on me, so I figured I was good. WRONG! Apparently, that during events like this they will not take credit, so the lady was oh so sweet, insert sarcasm now, and would not let me pay after, but had to turn me around so I could go to an ATM.

I was pissed, but knew I did indeed have plenty of time before the start began. As I was trying to find an ATM, I ended up finding street parking and saved 7.00! So take that mean parking garage lady.

Where I parked was a bit of a distance away but it gave me time to warm up and enjoy my performance energy blend.

I got to the starting and of course had to pee and no lines, so even better bonus. I got into my area and then just waited. I was by myself but surrounded by 1,000's. Being alone in those moments though were kind of tough. I didn't like I didn't have anyone to talk to or anyone to look over too in the crowd, but I just kept moving and repeating mantras over an over in my head to get me in the groove, it worked, up until...

We were just about to start, I mean literally. I was getting my music ready and I looked at my phone and I had text messages from the girl who was suppose to open my store this morning, telling me she couldn't come in. SERIOUSLY!!!

My insides panicked and I just calmly texted for her to contact the manager on duty, whom was my assistant. I tried to put it out of my head, but the thoughts of y store not opening, me being far away, etc got the best of me. But then that horn went off and so did I.

I was in a the early pace group because being in the Challenge you were able to be in the front. So I was running much faster than I normally do. I ran for a good mile and a half until I hit my beeper, so I could find a nice clearing, there were so many people. Once I found a clearing, I let my beeper start. It was great to see other people using the same run/walk method, one group even said YAY when they heard mine go off.

It was very hot and humid this morning. I mean VERY HUMID, to be exact we were at 100% humidity, so fluids were a must for sure. I am trying to not take a fuel water belt because I didn't train that way, so I stopped at every water and Gatorade station. They were set up weird  but I thanked every volunteer, they were cheerful and very kind for taking time to do that. Even though at one I got hit in the head with a water cup trying to grab one and someone elbowed me, but I guess that's how it goes haha.

The 15k was good. I didn't have any issues and I wasn't concerned with my pace, but watched my time, so I could make the 5k quickly. My pace was quite good, about 11:17 which I am very happy with considering the route and temperature. Like I said, I don't want to PR, but considering I have never run a 15k race before, this was a PR for me. Yay!

Once I finished the 15k, crossing the line, I had to book it to the start of the 5k, I had about 10 minutes. I grabbed a water and my 15k medal and made my way. I made it just in time, since I was a challenge participant I could enter through the front of the line again. I thought it would be okay, but man once that horn went off, they were FAST.

Made it to the 5k with minutes to spare.

There were so many people, THOUSANDS! I just couldn't move or find a good groove until about mile 2 and even then I was having a hard time. I just wanted to get to the finish so I could break free a bit. I wont run the 5k again, just too many people in a short amount of time, I am all about the long runs anyway.

I completed the 5k, in 35 minutes, which is a PR for me for a race because the last time I ran an official 5k race was in 2012, with the Turkey Trot, and did it in 37 minutes, I'll take it, considering I had just completed a race before.

Once I was done, I got my second medal and went to the snack, water, banana, free stuff tables. I got all I wanted, fruit cups, granola bars, water, bananas and yogurt. All awesome options. I was thrilled and starving. I got to my car, which felt great to keep walking and then went to Panera for some breakfast. I got a large coffee, I was dying for coffee and the Hidden Menu Turkey Egg White Power Bowl.

 It hit the spot, But I am sure I could have really gone with a bagel with cream cheese..oh yum! But even though I ran 12.44 miles, didn't mean I had to eat bad. I heat to fuel and feel good, not to celebrate. That's what chocolate is for lol.

After I went grocery shopping, which probably wasn't smart but I made all good choices in food options. Once home I couldn't seem to sit still, I knew I had to shower, because I smelt like straight up dirt. But I cleaned a bit, moved around and then finally showered. My stomach was a little crazy, I know tmi, but hey it happens and then I was hungry. I finally settled, took a shower and cooked some lunch. It was delicious and hit the spot.

Chicken Burger on a sandwich thin with avocado, fat free cheese, tomato and some lettuce. Cracker crisps, a fruit cup and some dole fruit bites. After the race I did eat one of the granola bars they gave me, I was starved and my Sport Beans Recovery Bites.

Then the rest of my day, I made a bed on the couch and rested. I snacked also on a small piece of chocolate, sugar free, and a yogurt. I watched a Lifetime movie, which I never do and drank plenty of water. I took a hour nap and when I got up, I had some laughing cow cheese with crackers and pretzel crisps and some grapes.

I feel pretty good, I am not all that sore, tired, which is expected, but I think I can do this tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am just enjoying a Sunday Runday, that's all I keep telling myself. James will be there with me, which I am so happy about. I feel bad he has to get up super early, but his support will definitely get me through the miles. Plus my boss will be there, which is a big inspiration and motivation and support also. She has been congratulating me all day long, I love the supportive people in my life.

3:00 am is my wake up call, since 6:00 am is the start time, crazy to think in 12 hours  I should be at about mile 4. Trying to figure out some dinner items tonight, since we did pasta last night. I have been eating all day, my metabolism is on a high, but making the best choices for sure.

 Day 1 was tough but a lot of fun and I am so glad that I signed up for it. I am so glad that I made the decision and I learned a lot about myself, and what I can do, but tomorrow is the true test, back to back long runs in a weekend. I am ready, my mind is right. So here is to tomorrow!