Sunday, February 16, 2014

The week ahead

Okay so this week is a bit of whirlwind of a week, lots of little things going on, all very fun, but things that throw off my whole routine and week. For instance tomorrow after work, James and I are driving to Kissamee to visit a friend from college who is here from PA with his family. We are driving to see them for the night and all day Tuesday, then driving back Wednesday morning just in time to be back at work by 12.

So with these two things going on, one I cant weigh in on Tuesday, which is my regular time. I cant weigh in tomorrow because it closes earlier, nor Tuesday, and I am hoping that before work on Wednesday I can weigh in. I am not expecting much of anything because, it is an off day and two I haven't been in a routine this week with all going on. But I have to weigh in one day to keep myself accountable. It is only a number and that is what I will continue to tell myself.

Thursday I work a half day of work and then I plan on just relaxing. I took the half day, so I can just do some of my own things. I plan to do a shaking out my legs, warm up for this weekend. Just a 3 mile walk. I am resting my legs this whole week. I didn't end up running tonight after the bridal show because I was having some sharp pain down my side and the ladies I was going to run with all had prior engagements or injuries, so it was meant to be a rest day.

 Plus my boss, who ran this challenge and then some last year, told me the whole week of the race, she didn't run or work out her legs, just rested. I think I am going to take her advice. I am going to eat as best as I can, drink tons of water every day and work on upper body strength and keep my legs nice and fresh.

Friday is the expo and then I am going to possibly get my hair highlighted and then of course rest all day. And then Saturday, DAY 1!!! I cant explain all the different emotions and excitement I am expressing!! Each day it gets closer and closer and I am busting at the seams with how exciting this race is going to be for me. I am a bit nervous, but mostly I just want to run. Another reason I am excited I am resting, because I will be ready to just go.

See, between the unexpected vacation days and the race and the day off weigh in. I am just trying to stay above water. I know while we are gone I am making healthy choices and if we go to an amusement park, the walking will feel great.  I am going to track my food and be ready for the races. Friday and Saturday I will fuel properly. This is a very exciting week and I cant wait for it all unfold.

Anyone else having a fun week also??