Sunday, February 9, 2014

Long Distance Running Weekend

It is no secret that I spend most of my free time running. I schedule times for running, days and events and sometimes days off around a running schedule. I like discipline and organization and well I love running and I love long distance running. Running that takes up a lot of time out of the day. And with this challenge I have at the end of the month, I have to get long runs in and long runs in back to back, which is a challenge for me and my job.

I work retail and I am a store manager and a training manager, I have a lot of responsibility and I love it. I don't take lunch breaks and I hardly ever get to work on time and usually always early, so my time is limited. But I have to say I am making it work very well with this training and long runs, but it leaves me beat sometimes. Like they say, pain is weakness leaving the body, so this training plan will only make me stronger.

My training last week was a bit tough because of the weather, yet again and the fact I worked 6 days last week, but I got it done. I ran last Sunday for 10 miles, Monday 5 miles, after working all day, Thursday I got in 2 miles, small but worked on speed, Friday I did strength and core with the Biggest Loser DVD and then yesterday after working a long, busy work day and work week, I went downtown and ran 6 miles.

Now I am not writing this to pat myself on the back, but I am writing to prove it can be done and stop making excuses. I mean if I can do it and I believe me at times I can be the laziest person alive, then you can do it. And I did it with a smile. I ended up having a great 6 miles yesterday, it was comfortable and easy, the weather was nice for a night run and I felt amazing after words and so glad I brought my stuff to work.

After running, James and I went out to dinner and it ended up being a bust. I was exhausted and tried to fall asleep early because I knew I had to get a long run this morning, but of course my mind and body were not in sink and I tossed and turned forever and my body ached.


I knew I had to get run this morning, I was off from work and it was a perfect day to do my long run. And boy did I do a long run...

Yup I did 13.1 miles this morning and it was freaking awesome!!!!

Did it hurt at times, you betcha. Was it hot and the sweat was all over me, you betcha! Did I give up and walk more or turn around or complain or give up...


I had planned to 13.1 today anyway because on this exact day last year, I ran my first ever half marathon. When I crossed that line at the start and at the finish, I knew my life was changed forever. I had planned to run the same race again this year, but Rock and Roll canceled the I made my own half marathon.

With my music, my thoughts and the road and miles ahead of me, I had my own half marathon and it turned out to be a PR run!

A PR or personal record if you are unfamiliar is a really, really awesome feeling. I don't take it as a competition, I am in the running game, just for the fun and when I leave all that behind, the pace, the time, etc, that's when I succeed and I did today. I thought about everything while I was running and a lot about food and I ran my best run. Amazing what I year can do...

This is from last year..

I have shaved 17 minutes off my first ever half marathon. 17 minutes!! 

I may have shaved those minutes, but that smile and feeling, all gets better.

I am a long distance runner. I love the miles, I love the pain, I love it all...