Thursday, February 20, 2014

Downtown Disney Day

We had an absolute blast with our friends on Tuesday. It was so nice to have a day off with everyone and do something different and just hang out. After breakfast we did a little shopping. Of course it was a gorgeous Florida day, we haven't had too many lately because the weather has been chilly, but its back and it was perfect. I had forgotten my bathing suit and shorts and such, so I had to got to Target and pick up some, I know twist my arm.

I picked up an awesome shirt too...

Then we just hung out at their hotel, which had a heated pool and of course not a cloud in the sky..

After a couple of hours, we were ready to head back to our place and unwind some more and get ready for the evening. James and I both took a nap and then showered and dressed..

We are pretty cute if I do say so myself..

Downtown Disney was pretty close to where we were all staying which was nice, but of course we found a way to get lost. But once we got there it was a great evening. I couldn't get a lot of pictures because it was so dark, but the whole area was a fun atmosphere. I even went to the Fit2Run that is there! I got a new T-shirt, post tomorrow, and some chomps for my race. The Princess Half Marathon is there this weekend, so the store was packed with runners. I could live there I love that store and so happy I got to get a Disney type running shirt from there.

We stopped into stores, had a night cap drink and ate at Earl of Sandwich because the Rainforest Cafe was a half and 45 minute wait. I mean really?! nothing is worth waiting that long. Earl of Sandwich turned out to be exactly what we wanted. Soup and sandwiches never are a bad option in my book. The two little girls had a great time, seeing the lights and people and music everywhere. We went into a huge Disney store and got a coffee mug (which I accidentally broke the next day) and a magnet of course. We walked a lot, I earned 5 activity points and was sad to say goodbye.

It was a great little day trip and I think just what James and I needed. It was awesome to get away, see a little bit of home and be away from our regular lives, we have vowed to do this more often, even if no family or friends are in town.

Here are some pictures from the night..


These were all made out of legos..pretty neat to see..

She loved to grab onto his finger. It was the cutest thing. I absolutely fell in love with her.

All the girls!

Of course I found Sparkly Minnie Ears to try on!!

Not Disney related but it was a delicious end to a great day. And worth every point!