Friday, February 7, 2014

A little effort goes a long way...

This is a cute post to just say how awesome my boyfriend is and how hard he tries
 to just make me happy. For New Years, James and I made resolutions to each other on how we were going to improve our relationship and better support each other. Some things I had asked James to work on and improve is his help and involvement in our every day life, such as laundry, cleaning the apartment and helping out with dinners, especially on nights I close and he opens.

I also asked for him to just surprise me here and there. Not saying I want gifts but if he is at a store, picking up something I would like or something showing he is thinking of me in some way, like I do for him.

Well tonight he proved he is really trying. The last 3 nights I have had to close, which normally is not the case, I usually only close 2 nights a week, but because I had to go in on my day off, we are all a like out of wack this week. I didn't want use to have to eat out again for dinner, last night we did Chipotle cause I really did not want to cook at all. James offered to cook pork chops for dinner and have them all ready and cooked by the time I got home.

Of course I had to guide him along the way on how to use the Shake and Bake, what pan to use and how long and high to cook the pork, but his effort was so sweet and melted my heart.

He actually did an amazing job. I got home around 9:15 and the pork was cooked to perfection, there wasn't a mess and he got the steamed veggies ready to go and all I had to do was microwave the sweet potatoes as our sides. Which by the way work just great in the microwave when you wrap a wet paper towel around them and nuke for about 5 minutes.

James is really trying and it just proves that with great communication, a little patience and working as a team, our relationship will only grow stronger and last forever.

He seriously made my night tonight with this meal..