Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekly Weigh In: Canceled

So its Tuesday and I am way off my routine for the day. Normally I would be at work and then WW and weighing in and then Taco's and possible frozen yogurt or I am off of work, running of course, doing errands and then the rest. But today I woke up in a hotel in another city with this strange man next to me...


haha, I am on a roll this morning with butter. No I didn't wake up next to a strange man, it seems like it with this crazy beard James has going on, but we did wake up in a hotel and in Kissimmee which is right by Orlando. James's best friend from college is here for the week with his wife and two absolutely adorable little girls. I am not much a kid person, but they made some beautiful babies for sure.

We drove to Orlando last night after work. We had HORRIBLE traffic, a trip that should take us about an hour and a half, took us 2 and half hours, not fun. Since I was busy at work, we packed from snacks for the road because we weren't sure what we were going to do for dinner. I brought us some carrots and hummus, fruit, a big pickle and James picked up a sandwich and some peanuts. We snacked the whole ride down which was great. We had water and I got a big diet coke. I was craving some diet coke for sure.

We got to his friends hotel around 7:30 and left there around 11:30 to go to our hotel. I was STARVING by that time and exhausted. It was a long day. I hated to do it, but we stopped at Wendy's because it was the only thing open. I could have had a Quest Bar, but I just wanted some food. I got the Ultimate Chicken Grilled Sandwich and a small fry, which were not all that great at all, but they hit the spot. Then after my belly was full, I passed out for the night and slept like a baby.

We just got up a bit ago and went to the breakfast we had in the hotel. Not much, I had a yogurt and a hard boiled egg and a banana and of course coffee. We are meeting his friends for a bigger breakfast soon and then just spending the day with them and then going to Downtown Disney tonight, which I am thrilled about.

It is nice to be away from our regular planned programming for the day. I can feel a bit of relaxation which is great because the rest of my week is crazy town with the race this weekend. I am so darn excited. I can not wait. I am still resting my legs a bit and they are feeling stronger. I am snacking a bunch to fuel my body also and lots of water. Tomorrow I might go to WW just to weigh in so I am back to my routine, even though the number on that scale will be way off because of all that is going on the beginning of this week, but it's all about accountability.

Hope you have a great day! Hoping to get lots of pictures from our little adventure today!