Friday, February 14, 2014

A pre, present, past and post Valentine's Day recap..

It's that special day of the year and considering my business is kind of perfect for this holiday, I have been pretty busy this week, especially yesterday and today! James and I both work retail, so holidays are usually celebrated early or later in our lives. We both aren't all that big on Valentine's Day. I used to be and then it kind of worn off, we love each other every single day, we don't celebrate it on one specific time frame. This year we celebrated a little before and then tomorrow we are going out to dinner.

On Wednesday, we both had off so we decided to make the most of it. We went out for lunch at this amazing deli/market/grocery store called Mazzaros. They have anything and everything Italian and oh so fresh. It is absolutely delicious. You can go there for lunch and order from their deli section. James has gotten sandwiches from them before but I have never, so we gave it a whirl. The place was packed, which of course means a good sign of good quality. We each order a sandwich and a cup of their Chicken Tortilla Soup.

The portion were HUGE!! I am mean HUGE! And so fresh and so delicious! I had a rough estimate of counting points, but that bread, oh goodness it was heavenly. I could only eat half of the sandwich and all the soup. We took the rest home for dinner which I was thrilled because I really didn't want to cook that night. I have been in a rut with cooking, with life being busy. I would rather make healthy choices out, but we are getting there lol.

James snapped some pictures of me trying to eat this sandwich...

After we were nice and full, we went downtown to the St. Petersburg Museum of History. They have an exhibit that holds the Guinness Book of  World Records of the most baseballs and signed baseballs. Being we LOVE baseball and the RAYS play here, I am a total Red Sox fan though, we decided to check it out. It was  rainy day and it was something to do.

We probably weren't suppose to take pictures, but what can I say, I am a rebel.
We ended up having a great time and both really happy we did went and checked it out.

After we went by Sweet Divas, which is a homemade chocolate store and we picked out some favorites then went to my favorite store, Fit2Run.

Anytime I am in the area, I like to just pop in and see what is new and exciting. I knew the new Brooks running shoe, Transcend was out and I wanted to see how much they were and try them on before I was going to buy them. Of course they were there and they fit perfectly.

They are Brooks newest shoe, the are suppose to be very light weight, and a easy transition with running with full comfort and stability. I could feel the different right when I put them on. The whole marketing was Rise Above The Run. And I could feel myself doing that. They also came in bright pink, which of course I wanted. I tried them on and then thanked the lady and as I was saying that, James told her to wrap them up and Happy Valentine's Day.

I nearly cried right there in the store, so did the sales associate. I was shocked and so happy. I absolutely love him, sure we fight and sometimes fight a lot, we drive each other super crazy, but he supports me 100%! Its amazing. He believes in me and what I can do and it makes me feel like the luckiest lady in the world.

To go along with the space them of the shoes, they gave you dry ice cream to go with it. It tasted pretty good and cool to eat.

I wanted nothing but to get home and try out my new shoes, but it was raining cats and dogs so I had to wait. We spent the rest of the rainy night, just hanging out, and eating leftovers. It was a great pre Valentine's celebration. 

Last night James had more up his sleeve, I came home to chocolate covered strawberries, sugar free chocolate box and a single red rose. I gave him is gifts and he has truly turned into quite a romantic. How the years have changed... I am seriously so lucky.

We are spending the rest of our night just relaxing. I got a nice comfortable breaking in the new shoes 4 mile run and waiting for him to get home. I think we are doing Chipotle, of course and then watching a movie or something. Tomorrow is our romantic night out.

If your single or with someone, don't use this day to love them or yourself, do it every day. And make sure you tell someone you love, you love them. This was the last day I ever talked to my dad, ever. Two years ago, he called me like he always did on Valentine's Day and we talked about what was new and exciting. We talked about him going to the gym and AA meetings, how good he was feeling. And he told me how much I mean to him and loved him. We reminisced about him giving me a big chocolate heart every year from Candy Man chocolates. When I said goodbye and I love you, I said it like it was any other day...

And that was the last time I heard my dad's voice and the last time I ever talked to him or heard I love you..4 weeks later, he died. Valentine's Day is hard for me, on one hand its special because I talked to my dad for the last time and on the other hand it is so hard because again, its the last time I talked to my dad. I miss him so much every day and I would give anything for one more phone call. But I know he is with me and he is enjoying a big box of chocolate for me...