Thursday, February 6, 2014

Have Fun and Run...

Yesterday was my planned day off and from my post I had nothing going on and was going to take it hour by hour. Yeah, well after I posted that, of course I get the call someone had called out of work and no one could cover, so into work I went. I have to tell you I was so angry. It ruined my whole mood and my whole day. I just couldn't shake it. I really wanted to just stay home, relax and just let the day go, but I had lunch, laid down for a bit and then got ready for work.

After work, James and I finished Breaking Bad.

All I can say is wow! The last two were amazing, intense and I thought it was a perfect ending to the show. We binged watched it for 3 weeks straight and now its gone. I feel like a piece of me is gone with the show. I really, truly loved the whole show, the cast of characters, on and off screen, the plot. I was hooked from the first on. And now I have a love affair with Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston lol.

So after my heartbreak of no more Breaking Bad, we are trying to find something else to fill the hole.

This morning I got a really good 2 mile run in. I was planning on doing 3 miles, but it started to rain and I hate running in the rain. So the two miles felt great. My legs have been a bit stiff and from taking the two days off to rest, it was nice to shake them out a bit.

I was talking with my manager today, whom is also a huge role model for me in my life and we were talking about our love of running. She is also running Gasparilla the end of the month, but just the half marathon. I am excited her and her hubby are doing it because they are such big motivators for me and seeing them there and their energy makes for a great race. We were discussing how running is just about running. It isn't about the time or pace or PRing, its about just having fun, finishing and just unwinding with running.

I agree 100% with her. When I concentrate on just the road and how I am feeling, the music in my ears and getting the thoughts and clearing my mind, I have the best run. But when I get caught up in my pace and time and how its going to end, I end up holding myself back a bit. So with this race, I am doing just that. I am just going to have fun. Just run, finish and accomplish a huge thing by running 3 races in 2 days, 25.5 miles. I mean how freaking fun and amazing is that.

This morning while running I cleared my mind and ended having a great pace..


So clear your mind and the rest will follow...