Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekly Weigh In: Patience

Ughhh another bad week...

Not sure what is going on with my body, but I gained .8. Okay okay, I know that could be anything, it could be water retention, it could be lord knows. I did run 13.1 miles on Sunday and every time I have a long run, regardless, I always seem to have a small gain. It is so weird how my body reacts to those long miles. You would think that running for that long you would just drop the weight. Nope not with me, but what can I say is I am seeing a difference in my body for sure.

My sides feel smaller, my legs feel stronger, my calves are getting more defined. I feel lighter and my little pouch seems to be getting smaller, but see that scale, that scale is not moving. I am eating my points, making good decisions and drinking water more than I have ever had in my whole life I swear. I need something to just get me over this hump, this plateau. I went through this struggle last year also. I looked back at what I weighed this day last year and the same thing, the same exact weight, but I look way different.

So even if the scale and I are fighting and boy are we right now, the mirror and how I feel, well we are keeping on fighting. I am really, really hoping next week, we see a difference.

I am making good changes this week, really paying attention to what I am eating and how I am eating. My running this week, will taper off a bit this week because next Saturday and Sunday I run my Amber Challenge, so my activity points will be less, which will be my hunger will be less. I am really learning to eat to my hunger and eat to my fuel. This weight loss is an ongoing battle with me, but also an ongoing journey and learning process.

Each weigh in and each week is different for me, but I am not giving up and I am not getting discouraged. And mostly I am not going to eat away my feelings or emotions, if anything it makes me fight a little bit harder.