Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Snacks

Superbowl Sunday which means some good snacks and eats. Considering none of our teams were playing in the super bowl this year, it really didn't matter too much what we had going on. The main thing for me was the commercials and half time show. The half time show was great, Bruno Mars is a fantastic performer, but the commercials were lame this year, nothing too exciting at all or catching.

But I did love the Cheerios one. The super bowl was a bust and a blow out, so James is playing video games with a friend he had over and I am over here sitting and about to go to bed. I am beat.

Regardless of the game, we had some good eating going on.

We ordered pizza and wings from CD Roma's and then I made some snacks to go along with it.

We had hummus, Greek yogurt dip, turkey meatballs, veggies (of course), trial mix, chips and peanuts. I enjoyed some meatballs, 2 chicken wings and two pieces of pizza and veggies and dips with hummus also. The pizza tasted great, but that was it, all I needed and I got bad indigestion afterwords. The worlds way of saying no bad food for me.

So a successful super bowl in the books and now lets bring on Baseball season!!