Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Craziness of the Week


Sorry I have been MIA for the last few days, my life has been a whirlwind of events and weirdness. Ever have that happen and then look back on it and it really wasn't all that crazy of a week. Yeah, that was this week. After Tuesday I figured out why I was in such a funk and a weird mood, tired and just not right, well my Aunt Flo came to town. And that crazy lady threw me for a huge loop. I know, TMI, but seriously that is the whole explanation to why my world has been turned upside down this week.

I have been on edge, tired, cranky and just not myself. And my hormones and PMSing at all time high. I was craving everything from salty to sweet. You would think I would have this down to a science by now, all us women would, but seriously that time of the month, really makes it all cooko bananas. So because I have been feeling so weird this week, everything in my life has been weird.

I am still tracking this week, definitely and it has been easy and hard at the same time. We have been having a lot of rain in Florida this week, so my running plan has hit a low. I have only ran twice this whole week, Sunday, 8 miles and Monday, 5 miles. For a total of 13 miles this week. It was a road block for me for sure. And I can tell I need to run, just to put my mood back in place.

On Wednesday after work, still not feeling so hot, I was going to run, but it was pouring. I am not a treadmill runner, I loathe it. I mean seriously I hate it! I am just a road runner girl and I plan to just be that way. So on Wednesday after work I came home, unwind ed for a bit and then busted out a new DVD I had bought.

This DVD rocks! It is 5, 8 minute work outs and a warm up and a cool down. The whole DVD runs for about 50 minutes. It is a fantastic work out. I was sweating like crazy and I am still sore in the legs and arms from it. Which I have heard if you are still sore two days later, it was a good work out. And it was. So while it was pouring outside, I was working out inside. It was high intensity!

The only problem with home dvds I never know the activity points I will earn. I said about 6 because I sure was breathing heavy.

Thursday was a planned rest day for me anyway because I had to travel for work. It of course was raining all day. And I was working a 12 hour day which included some driving time.

Yesterday, again I was just not right. I wanted to run and it was pouring and I was just tired and just wanted to unwind. This period was kicking me to the curb. I stopped by GNC and they let me buy the new Cookies and Cream Quest Bar before it was released. I was so happy. I could not wait to get home and eat it. Once home, I finally unwind ed and was feeling better. Was even thinking about popping in that DVD and I got a personal phone call from home.

My mom was being rushed to the hospital because she found a blood clot behind her eye.

I freaked.

I could not stop the crying and my thoughts. I was a mess. Being so far away from home, makes anything that happens to my family, extra hard. And considering I got a phone call when my dad died, well, I don't handle things like that very well anymore. My mom sounded fine and assured me she was going to be fine and she was going to the ER. My Aunt called me to make sure I was okay and to have James come home right away, so I wasn't sitting alone with my thoughts.

Like I said, losing one parent already, makes you freak a lot more than normal.

James came home and he brought home dinner, Chipotle and we just waited for my mom to call or text. We passed our night with watching Breaking Bad. We have blown through 4 Seasons already. I can not tell you how much I love this show and how much we love Netflix because of it. We can not get enough. We are on the final season and it is broken up into two parts. We have the first 8 episodes and then we have to wait until February 24 for the last 8. Yeah I seriously might just go by the whole 5th Season, so we don't have to wait.

When I get hooked on a series I get hooked. I am so mad I waited forever to watch it.

I finally heard back from my mom around 3:00 am and they said it wasn't a blood clot and to go to the eye doctor this morning.

And that's where we are at, waiting for the eye doctor and I am waiting for good news from her.

So see, my week has been anything but normal. Of course today, I have to close and now the sun decides to come out. Maybe it was my bodies way of saying it wanted a bit more of a rest. But back to running tomorrow because it is the Super Bowl and I might want at least one chicken wing.

Hope everyone had a great week and weekend!

And if you can send a little prayer or keep my mom in your thoughts, hoping everything will be okay.