Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekly Weigh In & Lots of Rambles

Hello or more like Good Tuesday Evening...

Not too much going on in my world since Super Bowl. The Super Bowl and commercials stunk and I had bad indigestion, so it just wasn't a fun night. I was determined Monday to detox myself in a bit from having the two slices of pizza, which were so delicious. I drank tons of water at work, tons. And ate and snacked my normal way, ate yogurt, a cheese stick, some soup and a light breakfast. Brought a snack bar with me, some fruit also. It felt great to just have snacks with me and work, I am glad I am prepared. After work I went downtown and ran.

I didn't have the best day at work, so I needed a really good run. I had woken up not feeling all that great either, I felt like a sore throat was coming on. But once I got going with my run, I was feeling great. I was pushing myself a bit, my legs were feeling it for sure. I tried to back my way out of it, but I was determined to get those 5 miles in and I did. So I ran 10 on Sunday and another long run of 5 Monday. It was tough and it is a challenge, but I can not wait to compete in the Gasparilla Challenge the end of the month.

After my run, I came home and James brought home Chipotle. I am sure we have an addiction to it. I know I should have made dinner but I was beat and I just wanted to be catered too. Don't we deserve that every now and then. Of course we kicked off the night with the Fifth Season of Breaking Bad. I can not say how much I love that show.

The fifth and final season was broken up into two parts. The second part isn't on Netflix until the end of the month, well I can not wait that long, so I went and bought the DVD.

I am crazy I know.

But seriously I only do that because I love, love the show and this handsome man..

I have a thing for bad boys..

So today was weigh in day and I was not expecting anything special because I didn't get much activity in last week, due to weather and my monthly friend. I felt horrible all week, so when I weighed in tonight, I was up .6. Actually I was exactly up what I had lost last week. So a small gain, but I consider it back to normal and a maintenance, considering all that went on last week.

I am okay with this gain, not even giving two pinches about it and keeping this week going. We had Pei Wei tonight because it is my cheat night and we met up with family. Even on a cheat night, I order correctly and track and ate healthy. I got Thai Dynamite Chicken Steamed, with extra veggies and brown rice and edamane as a side dish. It was delicious.

So even with a little gain, I am still good. Excited to be off tomorrow and using today a rest day from all activity and tomorrow a rest day from running. I get to sleep in, enjoy coffee, cut coupons, blog a bit, do my taxes, update some stuff online, read and just relax and unwind.

Also I am researching some recipes too. I need to get back into cooking and baking, I have been slacking too much lately.

Sorry for all the rambling.

Its what I do sometimes ;0)