Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Funny Thing....

After the craziness of the week and the rain holding me back, I needed a nice, long run this morning and I got that! I got up at 6:00, didn't hit snooze, or complain or make excuses, I put on my running shoes, grabbed some water and my Quest Bar and headed out the door.

I put in 10 wonderful miles.

My legs were a bit heavy, the fog was horrible, I couldn't see a thing, the sidewalks were slick, but me, I was great. The long mileage under my feet, the heavy breathing, the push and pull of mind over matter, made this run great.

I felt accomplished and renewed after my run this morning.

And I know running is for me, because not running for 6 days, hurt me, it hurt my heart and my passion was out. Today though, getting those miles in, made it all better.

I am made for long distance running for sure!

Sunday is RUNday!

Have a Happy One and Happy Super Bowl Sunday

I am routing for the Broncos!!